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Future of My Accounts

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My original post from October, 2018 shortly after joining the server.


Since that post I have:

Achieved 2 prestiges on my original average xp ironman

Achieved 1 prestige and first ironman completionist cape on the server for my hard xp ironman

Then de-ironed my average xp ironman (cause lets be honest it was too easy)



Going forward, I hope to also be the first ironman to hit the trimmed completionist cape on the server along with the following goals:

(Some of these are modeled after PVM's goals since I liked the idea of what he said)

Achieve 3rd prestige+

Achieve 25b Bank Value

Complete all of GWD including nex

Complete x2 Spirit Shield Sets

Achieve 20 Boss Pets

Achieve Noxious Set (0/3)

Obtain Wildy Weapons (1/3)

Obtain Immense Power Items

Achieve 150 Completions of Each OSRS Raid

Obtain Insane Final Boss Title (lol as if)


As per my original post I want to continue to thank players that gave me advice and helped me along the way:






And shoutout to 1 Life Andy #xericduos


Also, I still cannot edit my own posts so I will have to post screenshots and updates via responses unless that changes. 🙂

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4 hours ago, Pwnedef said:

Damn dude. You too op... banned? But how you gonna say you didn't have a little xeric trio..


ban definitely incoming. you got me there we did have a xeric trio but gotta give credit to andy haha the two of us straight FARMED xeric together

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