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Recycling Center/RuneCoins, Revenants, and more...

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Hey there! The Commanditos Clan has a system set up where clan members request their ideas on the discord, and we post them once we got a few, so if you see any from this account thats why. Enjoy ^^

Suggestions from Deathline:

  • Dragon Hatchet/Dragon Pickaxe. Add special attacks for a (In)visible +(Scaling with level) Woodcutting/Mining boost.
  • Add the amount of vote points you have in the player profile tab, Also known as the "Note pad tab".


Suggestions from @Vigour:

  • Add in the remaining esswraiths to runespan
  • Balmung & Keris weapons with their respective effects
  • Potentially adding the emblem trader from OSRS to grant us the ability to get the looting bag Of course, you would use the relics from revenants instead
  • Crystal Hally
  • Berserker aura doesn't do anything


Suggestions from @Raphael:

  • being able to make overkills flasks with the overload flasks bought in runecoins shop would be dope af (Or a recipe from the runecoin shop)
  • might wanna disable being able to use dtds on max hit dummy at home, saw someone missclicked one on it
  • I feel like having max hit caps on wildy bosses is kind of a waste of potential with all the damage boost increase we can get in wildy. wildy weapons (viggoras etc), corrupted armor, slayer helm and all. with max hit caps, some damage boosts become useless. cant we just remove them 🙂 ok thx
  • new perk on the online store: no daily limit of consumed sheaf sharks (cause man is it annoying 😞 )
  • add an anti-bleeding patch for the anivia's vulnerability amulet in the recycling shop so you're protected against anivia's insane bleed, a reduce of damage from the bleeding.


Suggestions from @Itsyaboi:

  • Revs - freeze should last 10 seconds not 20.
  • more ether should drop. people seem to be uninterested in revs since the new release of ether being needed


Suggestions from @Mayumiki:

  • Comp/max cape keeping their colours if keepsaked
  • Make the tan leather spell work, bake pies too and the make plank
  • a ;;b2 and ;;bank2 command


Suggestions from @i am alive:


Suggestions from @Google:

  • Remove the ether requirement from wildy weapons
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In addition to my suggestion, people were done grinding so adding something like this after that just feels like a low blow.

I've been told the drops of Ether aren't too good --> You'd need to grind even more to even use them in a normal way which is a bit off in my opinion.

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47 minutes ago, Mayumiki said:

Something else for mine, being able to note the scim's from thieve and note dream logs if we can

+1 for this so I do not have to ;;empty 28 scimitars at a time

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