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1 Life Andy

King of Skill Event!

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Hydrix and I are hosting a King of Skill event which will take place next weekend (21-23 Decemeber 2018). To celebrate the new introduction of a new event which will be entering the game.  

Requirements & Rules

  1. Players must make a fresh HARDCORE XP Ironman ONLY.
  2. Players cannot donate (this is to avoid having double xp perk etc)
  3. Players who enter the event must apply on the forums so that we can record the accounts which have been created.
  4. Players who make the account must have "KoS" at the start of their name. Example KoS Andy
  5. Only 1 account can be created for the event. If a player makes more than 1 account then all accounts for that player will be disqualified.
  6. Players who have entered the event must make sure that their account has exactly 24H/1D playtime, if an account has more than 24H/1D they will also be disqualified 
  7. Your account can only be made as the server time ticks over to the 21st Decemember (UK Time).



  1. First Prize the winner will receive 75k Event token which the player will be able to use in the new token shop
  2. Second prize the player will receive 40k event token
  3. Third prize the player will receive 15k event token


Remember that you MUST post on forums before entering the competition.

Good Luck!


Remeber to check out our christmas event. Talk to Santa at home to start the event


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The accounts must be played during the double xp weekend next week.

Pictures must be posted to the forums when your account reaches 1D play.

Edited by 1 Life Andy

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Already hard xp ironman btw. But yea I can't participate lol. I would have less than 20 total hours to play on that weekend and thats if I maxed out my free time. 😕 rip

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I'm going to drop out of this, I will be finishing up my final boss title this week and so I plan on spending the weekend grinding levels on my heroic since I decided to prestige after I get my title

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