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Theatre of Blood Guide

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ENTRY FEE = 2m coins

Gear Requirements:

Low - T70 GW1 Armors

Mid - T80 Nex armors / t85 - Armor such as Wild, Nictate & Dagon’hide

High - T90 Armors such as Tectonic, Sirenic & Malevolent


Most recommended - Chaotic's, CLS / Rapier dual wielded, C staff / Virtus wand (or better) with an off-hand such as a farseer shield or better and dual chaotic crossbows. If you have better weapons then those use them if you have the blowpipe be cautious due to its animation being a bit funky. Same again with ruby (e) bolts still be cautious using those especially at the Ramokee boss.

Useful notes:

Rune pouch with blood barrage runes, overload, curses prayer, ring of death, amulet of perfection, donator gloves / boots. The Twisted Bow is highly recommended for the Final Boss.


You must have killed Ramokee, Justiciar and the Troll ranger before moving to the Final Boss and have at least done a minimum of 5000 damage to access it. Also, if you do it in a team, it can happen you didn’t provide enough damage and would be considered as a leach, no rewards for you.


Boss rotations:

Ramokee, Justiciar, Troll Ranger & Final Boss  ← That is the rotation of bosses I kill which to me is the best way to do this. However, you do not have to follow this rotation as it can be random.






Blue = Preparation for the boss | Red = Mechanics of the boss



Has 3 phases + special attack. When you enter the room pray magic or soul split (I don’t recommend using twisted bow here) Personally I’ve tried a few bows here and I find the craws / zaryte bow best at this boss as you will be hit back less by the bosses deflect special (hits you back).


Siphon attack from you every 50 damage dealt to you by the siphon the ramokee will heal 500 back of its hitpoints. Once you’ve got the boss to low hitpoints it will change its appearance and then you must switch to melee prayer / turmoil and use melee combat style to finish the boss off this still includes the siphoning. (this boss can take the longest to kill)

New method (updated) Flinching method which has been confirmed legal to use due to ramokee's reflect. (Warning be careful with twisted bow as you can die from it) 

Video of how it's performed: There are multiple spots but this is the easiest way.



Melee prayer, Magic / Defence leech prayer. Magic combat style so equip your magic gear and autocast the blood barrage spell do this before you enter the room.


Now there are two ways of tackling his special attack which can instantly kill you; 1, you walk or 2, You run. The official mechanic is meant for you to walk to dodge the special attack, although I’ve had more success running than walking to dodge his special attack. So, I suggest to try both ways and see what fits you more. His special attack: Justiciar will pause for about 1 or 2 seconds so using ::zoom 220 will make it a bit easier to notice when he does his special attack so all you do is run past him then attack him and then when he does his special attack from your changed position run back past him and repeat. I line him up so I’m facing him to run up and down which also makes it easier instead of coming from different angles. Once he’s dead you will be teleported out of the room.

New method: Use best magic gear & the ice barrage spell to stun Justiciar, but be very careful as it's not a consistent stun and you may get sniped by his 1 hit mechanic still!

Troll ranger: 

Pray soul split, Turmoil. I recommend  bringing a rapier as it is a fast weapon and it will be easier to hit and run. This boss can be a bit of a pain duo+ if you decide to take a group to TOB you must synchronise the way you do this boss so you don’t get hit for 400’s and will only take 40s if done correctly.


By synchronising I mean attack / run then attack / run all at the same time. Once you enter the room the Troll ranger will fire multiple cannon ball shots at you which gives you time to do this. Enter, attack & run North past him, attack & run south and repeat you cannot miss a tick during this or you will likely die. If you do get hit do the same steps but don’t attack and just heal up. In all honesty I found it easier to solo this boss then running a team.

New ish Method: If you own a glacies dagger use slash and 50% of the spec (bring a special restore flask) so that you can stun this boss with that special attack allowing you to deal dps without having to do that moving back and fourth malarkey. If need be you can use 100% spec but it's up to you! 🙂

Final Boss:

Melee prayer, ranged leech & defence leech / ranged combat style, 3 special attacks, if you are the only one hit by these and you’re duo+ your other companions don’t have to run with you. Only way to assist you is by taking down the ticking beasts which everyone in the room can kill.

So the three special attack are: Wraith, Bleed & Ticking Beasts. Once the boss says “Feel my Wraith” when it hits you just run away and keep healing, with the Bleed attack you don’t need to run away just tank the 150 hits dealt to you. If he uses the ticking beasts you sometimes can mess up and take damage so what I do is run away and try to get some distance using blood or ice barrage to kill them. For ease if you have access to a Twisted Bow I highly suggest using it at the final boss. Once the kill is finished you will be teleported out and enjoy opening the caskets! 😄  

Same applies use the glacies dagger with slash and use special attack 100% special as long as you use the restore special potion / flask at the correct time so that you can stun final boss (I've managed to 2 stun spec him for a full kill without the boss using any special attacks against me! If however you don't own a glacies dagger but have a seren godbow or even a twisted bow standing behind the dead player can allow a safe passage from two of the ticken beasts so use that as an advantage point people. 😄 


I do hope this new information to those who've not done it yet helps, I've been delaying to update this thread for an awful long time with the newish info and yeah just hope it helps you out ladies and gents. ❤️ 

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Updated (left it a while to do so)
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13 hours ago, Zony said:

Love it. Great contribution, I will definitely use this since I suck at pvm'ing lol.

Thanks for replying much appreciated! Hope it goes well for you. I will be updating this thread through-out time so keep looking back at it 😄



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On 10/28/2018 at 4:17 PM, Mayumiki said:

Rotations a little different from what I do but +1

Thanks did mention it can be random to suit the rotation of what other's wish to do. :classic_biggrin:

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Will update this thread as it's been a while so I shall do that at some point this week. 🙂

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Thread has now been updated for you all to enjoy, info isn't mega new to some but maybe 1 or 2 things that can help to this day for the existing players who do this raid so ye. Enjoy fuckers! 

- Gia

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If anyone else would like to contribute to make this thread a lot more better then what it currently is at (raph's video is excluded main part everyone wants to watch) it would mean a great deal to me. 🙂

- Gia

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Great guide overall. Covers basically everything you need to know going into the raid for the first time. Super detailed as well. 

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