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My Goals

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So as I'm coming close to getting comp I need to set my next goal. I wanted this to be made into the requirements for the Insane Final Boss Title but a lot of people think the bar is a little high so now I will just put them as my personal goal

2500x Corp
5000x Kbd
2500x Qbd
5000x Bork
2500x Nex
10000x Glacors
1000x Rots
5000x Bandos
5000x Zamorak
5000x Saradomin
5000x Armadyl 
2500x WildWyrm NM
2500x WildWyrm HM
1000x Aquatic Wyrm
1000x Vorago
5000x AoD
2500x Night-Gazer
1000x Bad Santa
1000x Dryax
2500x Kalphite King
1000x Hope Devourer
5000x Tormented demons
2500x Necrolord
2500x Yk'lagor
2500x Sunfreet
1000x Anivia
1000x Sliske
5000x Kalphite queen
10000x Kraken
10000x Sire
5000x Cerberus
1000x Sirenic
2500x Callisto
1000x Donor boss
500x CoX
500x ToB

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