Hey all, figured I would make a post just to set some goals and track my progress. First off my name is Ben, Ben is taken in game so 'Zony' is my ingame name :p . I also have an alternate account named 'Comp'. I am 21, and I am a shift flow lead at an Amazon facility. I am also roughly a year away from getting my bachelor's in IT Management. My overall goals for the server is really to max my average xp ironman account (it would be cool to be the first maxed ironman). Then work on comp cape. Once I am able to hit that it would be awesome to do the whole thing again on my hardcore xp account and even make a youtube progress series/ironman guide on the account. But with my busy work schedule we will see if that works out lol. I love the server so far and everyone has been extremely helpful. I hope to reciprocate that to newer players, especially ironmen.   Zony is an Ironman account on Average XP mode. Super donor rank. As of this post: 2,230 total level and #20 overall on average highscores. Comp is an Ironman account on Hardcore XP mode. Currently just a placeholder account with super donor.   Max 'Zony' Comp Cape 'Zony' Max 'Comp' (possible youtube series and ironman guide combo with the acc) Comp 'Comp' (then use account as my main account)   I want to shout-out a few players who helped me out a ton and continue to do so as I learn my way around the server much more: Mayumiki Legend Raphael Proxic   See you all in-game!