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Price Guide | Outdated

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Please use this guide for an up to date Price guide.


Hydrix Price Guide


This is NOT an official post!

The prices in this guide are NOT valued by this thread's creator only. It has been revised by the help of the community. Prices may and will change over time depending of the economy, so be sure to stay up to date !

The prices in this guide are an average of items' prices. So prices may and will be traded around those prices, not necessarily those exact prices.

Not all items are included in this guide. If you wish item(s) to be added or prices to be edited, get in contact with @Raphael in-game or on discord and suggest a price. If the price is accurate and accepted by the community, it will be added.

Items with "N/A" means there is not enough of this item in the game/traded to evaluate a price. It all depends on the seller.


$1 US has been valued around 25m in-game.
1000 Donator Tokens has veen valued around 25m in-game.
1000 hydrix points has been valued around 1m in-game.
Skilling Resources such as ores, logs, herbs and etc are usually valued around their examine prices.

2wpjw5t_th.jpg PvM Key [level 1]: 3m 
116mm9l_th.jpg PvM Key [level 2]:
9jly06_th.jpg PvM Key [level 3]:
i5vd53_th.jpg   Community Key: 60m 
14l94k_th.jpg Community Chest: 20m 
11ucemw_th.jpg Keepsake Key:
swbwao_th.jpg Dryaxion Key: 30m 
2219bc5629657078266b0c608f122438.gif Crystal Key: 2m


339kmxw_th.jpg Pet Perk [1% drop rate boost]: 50m
zwdmp0_th.jpg Pet Perk [2% drop rate boost]: 100m
b3oc2s_th.jpg Pet Perk [4% drop rate boost]: 200m
vnjy89_th.jpg Pet Perk [10% drop rate boost]: 500m
axxit1_th.jpg Pet Perk [+5 slayer points]: 20m
rct4t3_th.jpg Pet Perk [+7 slayer points]: 50m
307wwfd_th.jpg Pet Perk [+10 slayer points]: 100m
2629w5f_th.jpg Pet Perk [1% xp boost]: 20m
9gzxpf_th.jpg Pet Perk [2% xp boost]: 50m
2s85yxc_th.jpg Pet Perk [4% xp boost]: 100m
dw6hzq_th.jpg Pet Perk [1% max hit boost]: 40m
10zwnkm_th.jpg Pet Perk [2% max hit boost]: 80m
23h3q0y_th.jpg Pet Perk [3% max hit boost]: 160m
33dc8qr_th.jpg Pet Perk [+5% PvM hydrix points]: 20m
339rea0_th.jpg Pet Perk [+7% PvM hydrix points]: 50m
wmcnqq_th.jpg Pet Perk [+10% PvM hydrix points]: 100m
ern13s_th.jpg Pet Perk [Increased elite crystal keys]: 75m
15zs9ao_th.jpg Pet Perk [Anti-poison]: 75m
2djdovk_th.jpg Pet Perk [Anti-fire]: 75m


b8577693046b0f24ece16de1a10c84bb.gif Uncut (cut) Onyx: 5m
99bb4df51d40a81805eb3cb834df98d2.gif Abyssal whip: 5m
iz43me_th.jpg Culinaromancer's Gloves 10: 5m
7ca88ce906db3b725792d0d026e6a4ff.gif Amulet of fury: 5m
 nejj4o_th.jpg   Ring of wealth: 20m
fcp8vb_th.jpg  Fighter Torso: 10m
9af04e9ab6962f6b4885de5fd0d46c6b.gif Dark Bow: 5m
3e01b83c781b4c3869d622001b2f89aa.gif Master Wand: 5m
qn5u9g_th.jpg  Dragon Hatchet: 10m
w8kupu_th.jpg Dragon Pickaxe: 10m


f70b09d11449ccabbe228886be5882d7.gif Warrior Ring: 10m
4df215a978ec9e148fea2a637d2a4d62.gif Seers' Ring: 10m
c88e208c069b432f6664e71271f96ffa.gif Archers' Ring: 10m
96444e1b57df896b003dce2824aaf886.gif Berserker Ring: 15m


o8rk89_th.jpg  Void Knight Mage Helm: 10m
25ai4g7_th.jpg   Void Knight Melee Helm: 10m
116jcqx_th.jpg   Void Knight Ranger Helm: 10m
908y95_th.jpg Void Knight Top: 10m
 2e1dv9w_th.jpg   Void Knight Robe: 10m
29vx6v8_th.jpg  Void Knight Gloves: 10m


2e24ebbc91dd832d5e9e3ae7a5b96272.gif Dharok's Helm: 5m
87bfb9f0150e2c983ed70bf9128c44b3.gif Dharok's Platebody: 5m
743509969b897be262989cf343670487.gif Dharok's Platelegs: 5m
1047bb7b2353937379be419588cd01bd.gif Dharok's Greataxe: 5m


4c6262f746d00fec899b5c7586d8bc10.gif Verac's Helm: 5m
8db90c115aa353f6f5eebe28ba9a4a29.gif Verac's Brassard: 5m
474bbe1802b133f7e7aa731ca1d8444e.gif Verac's Plateskirt: 5m
0936c486001e4dd219ebb19ed7608b99.gif Verac's Flail: 5m


27b4e61f793dc834311ab226c3574274.gif Torag's Helm: 5m
128bb3b92e9bfbd53920a73da5ce2dc6.gif Torag's Platebody: 5m
bc0e493503b1500c9fd43daad1f234f8.gif Torag's Platelegs: 5m
335badc1ba629e2003a96442ab4317da.png Torag's Hammer: 5m


d05f834ce23a162103ffe773dc78be07.gif Guthan's Helm: 5m
33ea86e3a7e5ce6568b56a4e663cdea2.gif Guthan's Platebody: 5m
15512cdc26e5e9accad6e207dab41d54.gif Guthan's Chainskirt: 5m
4b244cc1f68f26d6f7b6964743f43c79.gif Guthan's Warspear: 5m


add7a9c3c702fa7d5e9116a5a869ca11.gif Ahrim's Hood: 5m
67cbe1d813fb04990f1c039b48ff561f.gif Ahrim's Robe Top: 5m
5f0f8fa0c3ebc7f2df3307d1b9f19e19.gif Ahrim's Robe Skirt: 5m
e48d60fe8290cc78948ac4c29b2382be.gif Ahrim's Staff: 5m


89e2fea19fc1711cf4c42d8d00ee5b11.gif Karil's Coif: 5m
99b1d9c42a93f3516416d065549289d9.gif Karil's Top: 5m
ac69f9602ed3702f5d5046da52ffffa9.gif Karil's Skirt: 5m
b839e5a65fcc33dc6bd771810b31ce82.gif Karil's Crossbow: 5m


27c53e792373bc4faf0db2e7ebd808bd.gif Bandos Chestplate: 60m
473bc1fc407f4c31826878d4c0e56cff.gif Bandos Tasset: 40m
36bc1381252d51e28cc79164ca0602cd.gif Bandos Boots: 20m
ea94e9fd03354d5748de147f3e6f09a9.gif Bandos Godsword: 70m


0dc4193193aacb9be40933dea610258e.gif Armadyl Helmet: 20m
1ca0818af0bb38bcae5ef038ddafb755.gif Armadyl Chestplate: 60m
0e7ad6157a7ba244914737a9704fac5c.gif Armadyl Chainskirt: 40m
Armadyl godsword Armadyl Godsword: 150m


8cb9e29695f3775b43eae47161345d64.gif Hood of Subjugation: 20m
180bda20f1af0c74c2032a017fec7c42.gif Garb of Subjugation: 60m
3d5a643431d79fcdc71dbc59a3cab1ec.gif Gown of Subjugation: 40m
c17f9f3f120da82014f1f9b84ada1d63.gif Zamorak Godsword: 100m
Zamorakian spear Zamorakian Spear: 20m
ce4be2a036dd94da920c1b9b318d42a9.gif Staff of the Dead: 70m


cd5a16f124b3a93d641a74a011fae18d.gif Saradomin Godsword: 100m
Saradomin sword Saradomin's Sword: 15m
3422d8b89e5ac4f3f2a96bbd7b86f4fc.gif Armadyl Crossbow: 80m
f63ba5d73083f2e56adc5cef55df117a.gif Saradomin's Hiss: 40m
6e740b7ad111a35b6400b36aee83e02a.gif Saradomin's Murmur: 40m
d8ee96308b155f0a13f2c7ca8f1b0d2e.gif Saradomin's Whisper: 40m


9caea8bbc5e913a09d768d59d9cae7c2.gif Vesta's Chainbody: 10m
b70933eadc1a9988d52c2dd9b976bc26.gif Vesta's PlateSkirt: 10m
96019d24dd492fa5fe2169b160cd8563.gif Vesta's Spear: 15m
Vesta's longsword Vesta's Longsword: 10m


54e929ac0f85690c78f125c9ed9bca80.gif Statius' Full Helm: 10m
4710156c4f06673860cef141335e3c50.gif Statius' Platebody: 10m
b60e1259fc36010509a879b78f37faa4.gif Statius' Platelegs: 10m
86ca360d6fd38fb8f74fdc06bd0081d4.gif Statius' Warhammer: 10m


4f81f6573b08b000aac9d9fa993cdf98.gif Zuriel's Hood: 10m
d4cceade153352d8176f080cee6059b9.gif Zuriel's Robe Top: 10m
314db4284fbaf52d2cbbadd570ce0f7a.gif Zuriel's Robe Bottom: 10m
a45ea2773d21041090e02a09fad82b6b.gif Zuriel's Staff: 10m


97ae7eec1a2ad27e071c428989300d06.gif Morrigan's Coif: 10m
Morrigan's leather body Morrigan's Leather Body: 10m
0a8edea770cc5538c1b8e524f24d607d.gif Morrigan's Leather Chaps: 10m


6c6f11f2722075c56811459f7d73ed1d.gif Ganodermic Visor: 20m
2344542be1d8f903f8bcda4c5375d5f7.gif Ganodermic Poncho: 50m
d7a018b47e94235b5a0155053191b88d.gif Ganodermic Leggings: 30m


Torva full helm Torva Full helm: 100m
5fa2ac1779c82669bc50d8c9f34d2b09.gif Torva Platebody: 250m
Torva platelegs Torva Platelegs: 150m
69bd203f286c50c2c85a18de5c09109e.gif Torva Gloves: 70m
2b8c325cfc3511bc7fe9094996696f52.gif Torva Boots: 70m


6c2b085b8ddeb532300204eb5c49ae24.gif Pernix Cowl: 100m
Pernix body Pernix Body: 250m
8ae037f7b6f88ff1dc1ce7d6fae54cc8.gif Pernix Chaps: 150m
93ce8e4278ac1fd5e5c7697e3a77dc03.gif Pernix Gloves: 70m
9be10b65126981b00c57d5961641f5a1.gif Pernix Boots: 70m
Zaryte bow Zaryte Bow: 200m


01ff1b79a4afe8ce1f07eb55830363e1.gif Virtus Mask: 100m
84e959f710ed39386024b2706f398ae9.gif Virtus Robe Top: 250m
Virtus robe legs Virtus Robe Legs: 150m
Virtus gloves Virtus Gloves: 70m
91556182afb2e7367eaabeae5f773989.gif Virtus Boots: 70m
a5fb781a12602ec8f75001e58cd6fc81.gif Virtus Wand: 100m
464f1d76fd240bf44e6f0990f38f43ce.gif Virtus Book: 75m


2w20c90_th.jpg Dragonbone Mage Hat: 75m
160sphd_th.jpg  Dragonbone Robe Top: 200m
i6ef5i_th.jpg Dragonbone Robe Bottoms: 125m
veskqv_th.jpg Dragonbone Mage Gloves: 50m
v6tfzs_th.jpg Dragonbone Mage Boots: 50m


2z8dyu1_th.jpg Dragonbone Full Helm 75m
28iuxqg_th.jpg Dragonbone Platebody: 200m
 szd478_th.jpg   Dragonbone Platelegs: 125m
o5amn8_th.jpg Dragonbone Gloves: 50m
v8mr6h_th.jpg Dragonbone Boots: 50m


10x9hjq_th.jpg Nictate Mask: 150m
10o0cd5_th.jpg Nictate Body: 425m
  1z3rv50_th.jpg   Nictate Legs: 300m


ef0ed3ee4f5be67272275c651c8a541e.gif Dagon'hai Hat: 150m
f1b91c5bcea06e850cacd9b4dd33b40a.gif Dagon'hai Robe Top: 425m
48504a928c17e1600bf25b5bd7a30281.gif Dagon'hai Robe Bottom: 300m


21jzzoz_th.jpg Wild Warhammer: 350m
7cc4f5caf8ea68d0d655ee61dbac6df6.gif Wild Full Helm: 150m
0b0883b91bfe0703b6c3705eb327410e.gif Wild Platebody: 425m
Elite black platelegs Wild Platelegs: 300m


 f9etz_th.jpg  Spiritbloom Hood: 125m
xc6c6p_th.jpg Spiritbloom Robe Top: 350m
 wweo01_th.jpg   Spiritbloom Robe Bottom: 250m


Ancestral hat Ancestral Hat: 200m
6f79191256e659263071b194deb5b469.gif Ancestral Robe Top: 600m
7e377476047c534756f78e035c3041d3.gif Ancestral Robe Bottom: 400m


 cf8bd8bb9501ef8e099840f72d88e220.png   Justiciar Faceguard: 175m
cdfc8247c33d044609333f957b800042.png Justiciar Chestguard: 550m
  92fe8bdd2b1e09f77af82c6ca3980405.png   Justiciar Legguards: 350m


bed4d1d8ff6eb111a11f851ba9171d53.gif Malevolent Energy: 15m
8c7c2f051651a0862002a13e4d553b49.gif Malevolent Helm: 210m
cd0f2f70cf32ca131c417bcef379b0c2.gif Malevolent Cuirass: 630m
03e83b17bdc1f75934456b019ebf7267.gif Malevolent Greaves: 420m


27020b23e6489bc191ca664b4248c323.gif Sirenic Scales: 15m
ab42aa05105fc393b5e111492f11ee75.gif Sirenic Mask: 210m
b04175d1dcc9dd0c65a3cebff8cc3ef6.gif Sirenic Hauberk: 630m
082ffaa5c6ff54ebc6d6fb1ad6db6b6a.gif Sirenic Chaps: 420m


3aa701b4ac7b5b9e1586e54c84c67dae.gif Tectonic Energy: 15m
e4cb739bcb59f002396571fc7b4a6a4c.gif Tectonic Mask: 210m
3daf2862adf191835cde073b477ae97b.gif Tectonic Robe Top: 630m
476c01db4c1be692ad0d1fcdc0246518.gif Tectonic Robe Bottom: 420m


2nqfabp_th.jpg  Brutal Whip: 125m
2z6vvjd_th.jpg Korasi's Sword: 25m
ef04a92a2991363ee4a5c577b9bf3cdf.gif Staff of Light: 15m
13b85fce63a93eec6da485f33600f944.gif Polypore Staff: 20m
2r4prvn_th.jpg  Abyssal Vine Whip: 30m
e1d797bcebd82a420992ef4d785adac7.gif Dragon Warhammer: 225m
70958d8dae9a22b1d6324848a16e678a.gif Dragonfire Shield: 40m
ea0528d0d88709c3289bd9a722dcc116.gif Dragon Claws: 150m


f5f1fa962dfc0190d94489b86308cccb.gifRoyal bolt stabiliser18b97788fb05146797a81fe72fd8dfbb.gifd808b0bd40ba8a54ddfcea94939059b7.gif Royal Crossbow parts: 10m


Onyx bolts (e) Onyx Bolts (e) (1000x): 20m
c0b91a3dcf06aec4b4e7e35e6e085cf4.gif Hydrix Bolts (1000x): 10m
  2dumu4z_th.jpg    Ascension Bolts (1000x): 10m
ac34b05bc88fe6da49ebbdd37b0c26ae.gif Dragon Darts (1000x): 1m
f78fb94296e6890e836772407c19b9ae.gif Zulrah Scales (1000x): 5m
1655ba92063a7b00dec8badeafbe1d0b.gif Cannonballs (1000x): 2.5m


5094c30141416c5c9f244a63f3c28f99.gif Cannon Barrels: 75m
a98130efa483f83903c7e562eb0a8448.gif Cannon Base: 75m
0ac5b096190773a24788ab1c65dcbea6.gif Cannon Furnace: 75m
cef687cfeebe22064bd2e831d8dc24d9.gif Cannon Stand: 75m


6tmd8l_th.jpg Royale Cannon Barrels: 100m
5l8eox_th.jpg Royale Cannon Base: 100m
x10mxy_th.jpg Royale Cannon Furnace: 100m
rcvhqr_th.jpg Royale Cannon Stand: 100m


c9ff845b0bba57ea7d5b86644d18256c.gif  Magic Fang: 100m
e136790924e8ea56b397b20dbacace41.gif  Kraken Tentacle: 50m
2ls7l37_th.jpg Abyssal Tentacle: 60m
 14uflef_th.jpg   Toxic Blowpipe: 250m
6dde98d09cdbefabc0d97fdc10e55650.gif  Trident of the Seas: 75m
ali1k5_th.jpg   Trident of the Swamp: 175m
90ab8b935cde7868f3a5f6c9c3e596fe.gif  Serpentine Helmet: 80m
2zdsxew_th.jpg    Toxic Staff of the Dead: 180m
Heavy ballista  Heavy Balista: 150m
2mhip07_th.jpg  Dragon Hunter Crossbow: 200m


e1e9f8bd627348e603a234920d1d6bbb.gif Twisted Bow: N/A
Twisted buckler Twisted Buckler: 450m
8f81d9dae97f5336f438899a1e9a1085.gif Elder Maul: N/A
1c9585001a74425092b4ce936357b6e0.png   Kodai Wand: 450m


cf61fbf564243ad5192a1a1cc28c2fd0.gif Abyssal Bludgeon: 200m
Abyssal dagger Abyssal Dagger: 75m


2m5mf7d_th.jpg Fortem Dagger: 100m
f9k13a_th.jpg Glacies Dagger: 100m
2gvpjza_th.jpg Curare Dagger: 100m


afb864f63b236e90449a742efbd9a874.png  Viggora's Chainmace: 500m
7951998ea1f297d972197fb5f2ed5986.gif Thammaron's Sceptre: 300m
4674773a347e01ae14dfed401a6fb0c5.png  Craw's Bow: 400m


 2vlskkp_th.jpg  Corrupted Shard: N/A
141kpqa_th.jpg Corrupted Hand Cannon: N/A


25sph4x_th.jpg Promethium Rapier: 350m
28l6s6e_th.jpg Promethium Longsword: 350m
1z3t9qs_th.jpg Promethium Maul: 350m


n4xx8m_th.jpg  Anger Sword: 750m
dc39y1_th.jpg  Anger Spear: 750m
260dbgg_th.jpg  Anger Mace: 750m
488875b6bab95442db8576a7bd48b498.png Devourer Cape: 250m


327026acff9923b582fc12f56f13a68e.png   Ghrazi Rapier: N/A
a68ec985d1d766523c803ebd0e71d9cd.png  Sanguinesti Staff: N/A
f1fa734ab20b82f1c8c2aa4467a0ff13.png  Scythe of Vitur: N/A
0c18d7882938270f13bc62ebb4a2f8e4.png    Avernic Defender: N/A


4ac32c7db7599644d90690af9c5a8d73.gif Noxious Longbow: N/A
ce5d7db1ba9eb3ab76e11c01ff7a5c99.gif Noxious Scythe: N/A
f990d2d72dde02f04b6f06aa2a8cd457.gif Noxious Staff: N/A


e3a44cbaf6f815276ec382bbdf1628bd.gif Drygore Rapier: N/A
2d3df144d110cb50d0d9deef1590d1bb.gif Drygore Rapier off-hand: N/A
f17a085e4fd868ee4e1ca98f3715d1eb.gif Drygore Longsword: N/A
a0d55b3cd6c4ea35e2383e9f86e6f808.gif Drygore Longsword off-hand: N/A
60834684f0145696b287dfd49bf84625.gif Drygore Mace: N/A
4e5823aadc7d7d282f90d84e2d92b428.gif Drygore Mace off-hand: N/A


Seismic wand Seismic Wand: N/A
1d84d8ccfbd243c02820f53a19cf58f1.gif Seismic Singularity: N/A


15593c36fc982d6b42aa91598c8f3811.gif Ascension Crossbow: N/A
b37e0c064499cc9e548cd3b5932b19dd.gif Ascension Crossbow off-hand: N/A


16d47cec869e67b78915427f26cc5e80.gif Steadfast Boots: 60m
3d715c990249402a48a8d54e4665de3c.gif Ragefire Boots: 60m
49e2986cccab3099981d96a7e3c32cb1.gif Glaiven Boots: 60m


54a7db3a5a6cd845d7114a2841e15730.gif Primordial Boots: 150m
754d80eeca0ced76e7d490f4f1e15dce.gif Eternal Boots: 150m
fced1db5e62b5f398020987446078dbf.gif Pegasian Boots: 150m


c580d7dd89cd84cd5e9f826994a7f3ad.gif Glaiven Tip: 300m
4f95d2282b565b28b151c9c6df1f9bb7.gif Steadfast Scale: 300m
cfd93fc7c52e492008fe278b84adc3b9.gif Ragefire Gland: 300m


2rolsg1_th.jpg Fortitudo Cristallum Boots: N/A
wvqyxx_th.jpg Magus Cristallum Boots: N/A
2lvo9d5_th.jpg Proiectum Cristallum Boots: N/A


bi4ffq_th.jpg Atrocious Demon Gloves: 150m
dvitmg_th.jpg Loathsome Gloves: 150m
2myopoh_th.jpg Malicious Demon Gloves: 150m


1ebc9c40e15f2a8d031d9b253ddd22d7.png Bellator Gloves: N/A
e228ef8a87ffef1873f3fcc9e78a78a3.png Visurus Gloves: N/A
81d4894a7602e03dda9ed1ab11513d30.png Iuvenis Gloves: N/A


63cc76a7d936851cfbd7467e026fa1ab.gif Holy Elixir: 20m
ecbf5b297c251dec1cdd4e1a3ef6bea6.gif Spirit Shield: 10m
4b9566873523ef66c69c3c1c7a3cad87.gif Blessed Spirit Shield: 30m
870d4bba3fe14c05f922be40290d9eb1.gif Spectral Spirit Shield: 70m
aef1255567e0fa0ca4dec1d9578082f2.gif Arcane Spirit Shield: 150m
5384954e4652b4ec234e0a4e902a1706.gif Elysian Spirit Shield: 150m
e42870287261dd3aa16b40ba261d88cd.gif Divine Spirit Shield: 250m
2d7zar_th.jpg  Succubus Spirit Shield: N/A
55jfyw_th.jpg  Invocation Spirit Shield: N/A
  aoxqu9_th.jpg    Adept Spirit Shield: N/A


064254f4533744fdd42a57780ba554b3.gif Malevolent Kiteshield: 300m
Vengeful kiteshield Vengeful Kiteshield: 300m
Merciless kiteshield Merciless Kiteshield: 300m


Zenyte shard Zenyte Shard: 75m
Necklace of anguish Necklace of Anguish: 75m
7b91bbe038242db1fcb95804eac15a5a.gif Amulet of Torture: 75m
50ef0aed8f5bbc5341583234471e05cf.gif Ring of Suffering: 75m
e07a62b5a1ced3d599d4f9361cdc7c07.gif Tormented Bracelet: 75m
mjl3jp_th.jpg  Blood Amulet of Fury: 50m
  9ga42c_th.jpg   Amulet of Orison: N/A
2wrdu03_th.jpg   Amulet of Protection: N/A
2ll28u9_th.jpg   Amulet of Brutality: N/A
051f53c74154c7195fc955542bc66862.gif Tyrannical Ring: N/A
6ac3ccd50e5f636d7f1e68186f4a5b1d.gif Hydrix Gem: 400m
 9h47qp_th.jpg   Ring of Death: 400m
2d621673127de6e225275be702e997ad.gif Amulet of Soul: 400m
  a0vvcw_th.jpg   Amulet of Perfection: 625m


 2ur0d50_th.jpg  Donator Ring: 375m
 n1axrm_th.jpg   Donator Cloak: 375m
ab55abc3914fdc39bbfadd4c02ab46a3.png  Donator Boots: 375m
fea4c4b6e02b128819ef78adfb641a0f.png  Donator Gloves: 375m


e0cbd569dbd656c0390e554b2c1302b2.gif Scroll of Enhancement: 50m
 2vdhgzq_th.jpg    Ring of Wealth (i): 70m
 doqvxk_th.jpg   Donator Ring (i): 425m


1aba605ed935af4076b892f6e29673ed.gif Third-age Full Helmet: 150m
10e85be7ce81c169b3caa8bf9d7c93e3.gif Third-age Platebody: 150m
a3bba75aad57939165ae41b4139d186f.gif Third-age PlateLegs: 150m
7dc106716286f8138ead2455a56dc0ed.gif Third-age KiteShield: 150m


8eb189572682ff770cebc649a948ace6.gif Third-age Mage Hat: 150m
0ee44d50e78f3bc7dcf513a35d8f29bb.gif Third-age Robe Top: 150m
Third-age robe Third-age Robe: 150m
bdff2a6afff93ba492837e12d82c3d9c.gif Third-age Amulet: 150m


de529a0da946619a7e03c5bb85509a11.gif Third-age Range Coif: 150m
7c1391ec9f17de23e088a2811588d1a8.gif Third-age Range Top: 150m
8614c533b48f550c00da607785ae8b18.gif Third-age Range Legs: 150m
77a7db55c74ad0a07016b7f56586047e.gif Third-age Vambraces: 150m


6ba47c621c0d7af7c2cc8c645b6150f6.gif Third-age Druidic Wreath: 300m
cb649dedda1208281d190edda381dbc3.gif Third-age Druidic Robe Top: 300m
109f0919611361b3ddbd79f5eaf5bfff.gif Third-age Druidic Robe: 300m
b44336baa4be3a810d8306b08fb741b6.gif Third-age Druidic Cloak: 300m
Third-age druidic staff Third-age Druidic Staff: 300m


2h6604o_th.jpg Acid Dye: 200m


5f14a7e2b93dc96b9aecf6167a9b408f.gif75f40526f74aef065089e4b497d4980a.gif83c284d88285f3b7e4f9953b57221009.gifNormal H'ween Masks: 700m
2nrkjmr_th.jpg hrl9op_th.jpg b3jrq1_th.jpg 15d9ukj_th.jpg 2rwpy5w_th.jpg Custom H'ween Masks: 800m
7d48e6c6a985f94ddab2cf20bf4f01e4.gif Santa Hat: 750m
15z5coi_th.jpg mifewm_th.jpg 28umo8p_th.jpg 2v7z5hz_th.jpg Custom Santa Hats: 850m
ap6yc0_th.jpg Lava Santahat: 1000m
v49spi_th.jpg Green Santa Hat: N/A
mn9dy_th.jpg Black Santa Hat: 2500m
f0f8344cf3e3482c60a1cc0e1b394f15.gifGreen partyhat3aa0e7724431f89fd4b8f9ec6417e7ae.gif659ad9cd79d210d05b1f4fd8d3da9f52.gife80e4da4aa0e29b2ce69c3ca2ada8545.gifd4d53dcb20913edc9d6f2e7efbe67108.gifNormal Partyhats: 1250m
2rzevbq_th.jpg 5vx6b6_th.jpg 20h57va_th.jpg 1tpob4_th.jpg 1589oqt_th.jpg Custom Partyhats: 1500m
28c38g2_th.jpg Lava Partyhat: N/A
dm75t2_th.jpg Black Partyhat: 5000m
2im1f83_th.jpg Rainbow Partyhat: 6250m
24d083r_th.jpg 2hgqw3k_th.jpg xvz4h_th.jpg s4t5it_th.jpg 2cpwdp4_th.jpg osa594_th.jpg Limited Edition Partyhats: N/A

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It appears if you are using another browser than Chrome, some images may appear way larger than they actually are. Use chrome for the moment if it annoys you, I'll fix them tomorrow since it's very late for me and I need to sleep :') 

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solid guide! it'll be nice to have something to refer to, instead of just asking griff all the time now

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6 hours ago, Raphael said:


It appears if you are using another browser than Chrome, some images may appear way larger than they actually are. Use chrome for the moment if it annoys you, I'll fix them tomorrow since it's very late for me and I need to sleep :') 

i'm using chrome and the images are bigger

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@Itsyaboi Hmm. it has been doing that with me for like a week. but i asked other people it seemed like i was the only one it was doing that. cause many people its not doing it. i dont get it.

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3 minutes ago, Raphael said:

@Itsyaboi Hmm. it has been doing that with me for like a week. but i asked other people it seemed like i was the only one it was doing that. cause many people its not doing it. i dont get it.

no idea...


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6 hours ago, Itsyaboi said:

they loaded for me on mobile but not on my pc... huh weird

same, it works for me on mobile but not on pc.

ill fix it soon enough. its just super annoying to do

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@Raphael is it possible to add the new items on here? runecoins, chaotic upgrades, statues, malediction and odium shields, boogie bow, rev either, wyvern shield, fally shield and Excalibur, vorkaths drops, new wildy rings + imbued prices, ring of immense power, ammy of immense power, at least add zgs and sgb on the list listed N/A, and anything else i missed



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