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Found 2 results

  1. add blood and nature runes to ironman shop, to get these u need to grind it
  2. Hi Guys, I've been compiling a list of suggestions and changes that I think would be a great addition to Hydrix. this post contains those I've written down, consolidated into a more manageable load and the ones I feel are the most important have been placed into the poll. I realise after going through my notes, that these aren't massive suggestions, more small Quality of Life changes/ improvements that i think could help streamline the server a bit. Suggestions: Improve the current zoom function to use Shift+Scroll Wheel. Replacing the current ::zoom command Change the current level up dialogue window to match other dialogue windows Change the colour of the text when new players join; hard to see on re-sizeable mode. Remove the system message 'Please have ate least 5 free inventory spaces' when burying bones with a full inventory. Add 'Max' and move the options and interfaces for achievements and skillcapes to him. Private chat log does not move above the regular chat box when it has been resized. Other Player Suggestions: Add Broad Bolts to the Slayer Shop - Zal Make overloads consumable while in the wilderness - Ali Add the ability to craft amulet of Fury (or) with the ornament kit - I Am Alive Reduce the price of Deathtouch Darts to 10 votepoints - Viserbro