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  1. I like the new interface, looks a lot cleaner than the old ones
  2. You've been accepted and an invite will come shortly
  3. You have been fairly active recently and are showing good to the community by helping others out, my only worry would be the times where you've had other things come up and you leave, other than that, good luck.
  4. Welcome, quite a nice intro you made here.
  5. Mayumiki


    I don't know if I should be posting but I'll give my input anyways, I think you're lacking. To be honest that is the dumbest "why should we choose you response" I've ever seen, almost all the current staff members have IM accounts or have played them so it's not like there is a benefit from that point of view alone. I think you need to give a better reason before you are even considered as a choice.
  6. Woot it's finally an official mode, and that exchange thing is nice, looking forward to the expansion of it.
  7. So basically this will only really be for people that play hcim but the idea is paying 10m to do a full account reset, the only thing you get to keep is your name and donor status. wipes bank, pets, titles, achievements everything. lets you re-pick your mode as well. The idea is so people can donate on hc and if they die they can just reset the account pick hc again and challenge that mode again. Ps yes I'm doing an UIM mode type thing with Ire.
  8. Yes it would only be people that want to do that, but since most current people that would have an hcim have mains so they are just doing it for the challenge of hitting their goals on a hc. I don't personally like the idea of just buying a scroll to re-establish hc back to an account, there still needs to be that punishment of dying if you want to continue as a hc so that's where the account wipe would come in.
  9. I like the idea of it being instanced since there are only 3 spawns of the raging mummies
  10. Yes please, magic stones are expensive but they are the best con exp. +1 from me
  11. This minigame needs a full rework in my eyes, right now it's all about just spamming the bags without the other aspect of it being a pvp minigame as well
  12. Being that would be super badass to be able to do that for a level 3 I cant agree with this unless you made it so 20% has been dealt or something to recieve it as a kc
  13. Removal of the pet restrictions for some of the bosses, ex: kk, night gazer, corp, hydra
  14. What the fuck kinda bomb was this, holy shit.
  15. Mayumiki


    The journey has been a good one and I've meet a few good people along the way but it's time for it to come to an end. My disdain for the server is growing more and more so I'm just going to leave now on good terms. I probably won't even bother coming back and checking in anymore so I wish you all the best and enjoy your journeys while you're here. PS: No I'm not giving away my items so don't bother asking.
  16. For all of you who don't know I have a goal set to hit 150k boss kills. I have finally hit my first milestone and will be posting progress after every 25k. Well that's everything if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  17. Mayumiki

    Double exp

    We should be able to pay to active the well on the weekend to stack the exp, right now as it is for older players it is worse to level on a weekend than it is to level during the week
  18. Think it's about time this interface got an update, http://prntscr.com/oen4q0 If you look at the bottom raptor is getting cut off, something you could switch it to is the osrs slayer type one
  19. So the base idea was from Proficiency, but adding a 10th prestige pet into the game, you unlock it by getting maxed on 10th prestige. But to kinda expand on this idea myself and to give each mode a reason to hit 10th prestige we could do different pets for each prestige. Maybe have them look like evolved pokemon or something, the the easier the mode the more basic it looks
  20. Getting more perks would always be nice, which are added it wouldn't bother me so i'll just +1 the whole concept of it. Skilling contract would just bring more to the daily table which is good and bad depending on who you are but the idea is nice +1
  21. Well I'll start with I'm not hating on anyone or this idea, my opinion is coming from someone that spends their whole time bossing while playing. Alright I'll start with Apex gear is not this be all, get all gear, it's actually trash. This gear is only slightly better than the t90s in some power aspects but with the major downside have have no defence at all. I have only ever used this gear in raid masses to make switching easier knowing I won't be taking damage, doing dag kings cause they deal no damage and what little they do you out heal with soulsplit and zulrah for same reason as dag kings. Taking this armour to most gwd+ bosses will have you requiring food unlike just using nex/t90 gear. You have the right idea with a fix but nerfing this gear is not the way to go. The best fix would be to use t90 gear on it not the other way around to make for ex: Apex (melee) or Apex (range). with the stats aiming for those combat styles. Yes I know dyes just got released and people want the cool malv or whatever but in the end it is t92 gear and taking that away would just bother people. Doing it this way will make getting the t90s a goal again as well.
  22. We all know I'm not one to hide what is on my mind so here's my opinion. I don't like the fact t90 armours dyed are behind a paywall of 15$ per set which comes to 45$ for all 3, none of the other dyed items require this so t90s armour should be no different. Sadly I won't be dying any of my t90s but if other players want to, more power to you.
  23. It is, as you can see I don't have my barrows gear anymore. I have to sell some stuff to make room for other items.
  24. When I did my 100 kc at this boss I just took tank magic gear. +1 but I don't mind either way
  25. So this is just and idea to make this boss a little harder/the difficulty it should be, switch his current freeze to a bleed ability and add the freeze to his 1 hit. Currently if he doesn't freeze you, your guy will just get forced moved and you won't take any damage at all or have to switch to your succ ss.