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  1. Mayumiki

    Update #130

    What the fuck kinda bomb was this, holy shit.
  2. The journey has been a good one and I've meet a few good people along the way but it's time for it to come to an end. My disdain for the server is growing more and more so I'm just going to leave now on good terms. I probably won't even bother coming back and checking in anymore so I wish you all the best and enjoy your journeys while you're here. PS: No I'm not giving away my items so don't bother asking.
  3. Getting more perks would always be nice, which are added it wouldn't bother me so i'll just +1 the whole concept of it. Skilling contract would just bring more to the daily table which is good and bad depending on who you are but the idea is nice +1
  4. Well I'll start with I'm not hating on anyone or this idea, my opinion is coming from someone that spends their whole time bossing while playing. Alright I'll start with Apex gear is not this be all, get all gear, it's actually trash. This gear is only slightly better than the t90s in some power aspects but with the major downside have have no defence at all. I have only ever used this gear in raid masses to make switching easier knowing I won't be taking damage, doing dag kings cause they deal no damage and what little they do you out heal with soulsplit and zulrah for same reason as dag kings. Taking this armour to most gwd+ bosses will have you requiring food unlike just using nex/t90 gear. You have the right idea with a fix but nerfing this gear is not the way to go. The best fix would be to use t90 gear on it not the other way around to make for ex: Apex (melee) or Apex (range). with the stats aiming for those combat styles. Yes I know dyes just got released and people want the cool malv or whatever but in the end it is t92 gear and taking that away would just bother people. Doing it this way will make getting the t90s a goal again as well.
  5. Mayumiki

    Update #120

    We all know I'm not one to hide what is on my mind so here's my opinion. I don't like the fact t90 armours dyed are behind a paywall of 15$ per set which comes to 45$ for all 3, none of the other dyed items require this so t90s armour should be no different. Sadly I won't be dying any of my t90s but if other players want to, more power to you.
  6. It is, as you can see I don't have my barrows gear anymore. I have to sell some stuff to make room for other items.
  7. For all of you who don't know I have a goal set to hit 150k boss kills. I have finally hit my first milestone and will be posting progress after every 25k. Well that's everything if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  8. When I did my 100 kc at this boss I just took tank magic gear. +1 but I don't mind either way
  9. So this is just and idea to make this boss a little harder/the difficulty it should be, switch his current freeze to a bleed ability and add the freeze to his 1 hit. Currently if he doesn't freeze you, your guy will just get forced moved and you won't take any damage at all or have to switch to your succ ss.
  10. Mayumiki

    Update #119

  11. Okay not that I want to destroy your ideas cause I don't play IM but I will put some tips here, Nex drops like 3-5k bloods when you get a drop and uses range to kill, barrows gives a decent amount of death runes. High end bosses you never use food you use brews, glacors are a good source of super restores and brews 4 dose. The last thing I can't really help out with cause most of the bosses I know drop onyx e, but for a ruby bolt spec getting the ROD will give you that effect without needing the bolts. Hope this helps a little
  12. So I have a suggestion for kk since his prevent mechanic is still a little buggy being it works sometimes and other times not, what I suggest is when he goes to fire of his one hit ability if the player is wearing a shield and the damage would be half of the original damage that should have been dealt, but if they miss putting on a shield they will get hit with the full damage. A boss on the server I came from had a mechanic like this and I would push my luck and take max dps with me and hurry to a shield swap to reduce the damage taken. I liked the way it worked and i figured this might be an easier fix over the prevent
  13. Mayumiki

    Update #118

    Some quick QoL, not bad
  14. Mayumiki


    +1 or put the unlocked ones at the bottom and locked at the top, (or reverse) either way +1 for the idea