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  1. Great update, can't wait to see the items in game 🙂
  2. Fix referral code problems, some of them still don't work and we're losing new players due to this (lmao ik) Allegedly a problem with tectonic, player reported that it broke twice in 2 hours. Make one of the easterbunny drops (or multiple) Give a damage boost / be an overpowered weapon vs the bunny Fix ancient slayer helm stats, currently you don't get any melee stats from them. Add zulrah pet / zulrah dyes for the helmets. Make a system so that players can have a chance to activate double damage (an old idea was a blood well, maybe a certain amount of bosses killed in a reset triggers the well?) Add functioning rune pouches which you can fill from the bank. Add a system to fill your beast of burden from the bank Give the zaros godsword another slash attack, currently has 3 stab attacks when it's predominantly a slash based weapon In last post I said increase the chance of hitting the rare, rare drop table (as in the one with hazelmere's signet ring, assorted skilling supplies etc.) You instead buffed the base rdt. This will still consist to be a monthly thing with the current server size until it is buffed at its base rare table rate. The imbued god armours a good new addition but right now they look a little bit rushed. Maybe create them as alternate colourways instead of just a few basic trims - arma) Add a meta-morph command to the pets that can meta-morph respectively. When a new player joins, make the coins that they get for joining go into their coin pouch, countless amounts of players die and need to ask to borrow money to get it back out as soon as they go to ;;train Add a dye to the trivia shop to make trivia a bit more worth going for the answers. Find a system for the t90/92 specs to work on wilderness bosses but not wilderness players, would be very helpful on the high level wilderness bosses. Add never ending boss kc milestones (That don't reward hydrix points) Past 2500 When it's double drops and using the bonecrusher imbued, you wont get double noted bones you'll only get single bones Higher the chances of the bad santa pet. (Maybe 2500, 5000 is way too much for a pet) Make the anivia spike attack drain less stats, currently it drains like 30 in your stats every time it does it and gets very tedious very quickly Add kraken pet Add a new serious boss, we haven't had one in a little while. Add infinity boots to the mage armour store.
  3. Great update as usual, can't wait to finish off my ancient slayer helms and see some newer players in these armours 🙂
  4. Reduce calamity startup wait time. Make more bosses instance-able. Fix slayer pet perks not working. Give an extra way to obtain the corrupt gem (Currently theirs never any in circulation due to the complete lack of people doing wildy tasks). Add an extra loot drop to assassin. fix Bad santa, doesn't go towards boss kc. Callisto and scorpia pets dont display kc (Assuming that anivia wouldn't do this either) Add a tooth key swap to the bench at home. Add a system to allow t90 armour to not break (Can't request this enough). Make totem pieces in general drop more often. Can't explain how long I've grinded and still not hit 500 shards for both items. Make golden pirate hat a bit more common from the treasure hunt (Or realistically noone is ever gonna get it - the giveaway) Make the rare, rare drop table more common, it doesn't even get hit weekly, maybe I would say once a month someone hits it. Fix qbd, currently it can stack multiple abilities at once, allowing an insta kill without any way of surviving it, very annoying. Fix forum problems (Already sent you a list on discord Connor) Add the expensive shop to a place else where and fill it with more content.
  5. Add mage damage % to the comp / trimmed comp I feel like this should be here in the first place and was just left out Add caps on boss kc's to give more hydrix points (1500, 2000, 2500, etc) Add the uber donator boxes to the donator store Make pet boxes give pet perks only, give another option to get pets Make instances have the ability to change spawn time (GWD atleast) (theirs already enough pieces in the eco now for that to not damage it) Give staff of sliske a spec (Similar to its rs3 spec) Add different lamp variants to the trivia store (When it releases) Give the ability to swap drygore main hands into offhands (For a fee)
  6. Can confirm, that shit does not work. Lmao
  7. Fix defender of Hydrix title (Make it look better) Add a double drops aura Add a lava flow mining tile to dz5 Give the ability to swap totem pieces for other pieces Make ancient slayer shards tradeable Add a prayer renewal 10 minute perk (Or add it to one true potion) Make the donator cape further upgradable Make Celestia, Defender of sliske respawn quicker Fix the max hit dummy being able to be killed / moved with nox scythe spec Give x1000 runes the ability to exchange all at once Fix hair clipping through item model issues.
  8. Scouse

    Easy Shit

    +1 I don't really mind what bolts the royal xbow shoots tbh +1
  9. Scouse

    A New crossbow?

    You saying if a new crossbow wouldnt be added becuase the other weapons are too op just means that noone should ever use crossbows, a new style of crossbows should be added to the game OR the ascensions (when people get them) if they dont keep up with even the blowpipe should not got a buff to their stats but maybe their attack speed, make it a 2 tick crossbow attack, I personally think it then may have a chance with keeping up with some high tier items, granted it hits high in the first place.
  10. Since Connor won't discuss the rework with me as apparently my recent "Suggestion" Was rejected by the community. I now have to work through a forum post to give the community my ideas and then have them changed again once they hit the real game because I'm not allowed to discuss it. So. Assassin needs to drop more than 2 drops per kill. Idc how many drops per kill he drops from a buff, Top DPS should be guaranteed a drop. Personally wouldn't care if he changed from being a world boss to a normal boss but thats more than likely not gonna happen. Their needs to be a reward for hitting milestones of the assassin kc (100, 250, 500, 1000) possibly in the form of a guaranteed drop. Thats it.
  11. Ill list off each reply to waht you said The ability to overload or kill in the wilderness would still give the reduced stats, just being able to do it would be nice to save going back home to reboost my stats SOS according to the update notes gives unlimited "Elemental runes" I guess we'll see when one comes into the game Can't really argue that one then tbh. xo
  12. The boss itself would only hit 3 styles, I didn't specify how hard the hits themself would hit, as I said it would be similar to a gwd boss for tier of boss, for tier of damage it would probably be around 200-350 as it's max hit for any style and it wouldn't use all 3 at once, the egg breaking mechanic is already a mechanic in raids, for the first boss that you fight in cox (ice demon) Which is why I suggested something like an egg bomb, yet again the attack wouldn't have to one hit but it should be implimented to prevent you teleporting in, in max gear and never having to look back at your screen. But for the "I can't pvm" comments, theirs not much we can do about that in a realistic stand point, realisitically no boss should spoon feed you the kills and you should be forced to get better at pvm as you go.
  14. Easter Bunny Boss Suggestion Okay so I've just been speaking to Connor about the potential of adding a Easter related boss, because although the Easter event was great, there can always be more. So the basis of this boss would obviously be Easter bunny related and it would be similar to bad Santa in a way that once it's in the game for the Holiday, it wont be going. Aka making it a permanent boss. The boss would be a mid tier boss similar to GWD with a lot higher hp and nothing to boost your damage unlike bad Santa, it would attack with all 3 styles and have a special ability where it brings down explosive eggs. Maybe a one shot potential. Probably a 3x3 blast radius. This being said the boss would still be easy to do to high tier players / pvmers. The rewards from this boss would more than likely be basic skilling supplies, foods etc. And it would also have a chance at a pet if the model were to be any different to the current Easter bunny we have in game. It's rare / very rare rewards would consist of cosmetic based items such as the big carrot weapon, maybe a Easter bunny based override. And a first and new dye to be dropped by a boss. Hence why I suggested it doesn't leave the game. This would make the boss have a reason to be grinded if you strike being lucky at getting a dye drop. The colour hasn't been decided yet but I'll leave a straw poll at the bottom of this post for you to vote, on some Easter based colours which could be dyes. I hope you guys can give me feedback on my suggestion and let Connor know what else you think should get added to this boss. Please give feedback either positive or negative just so we know if you guys want this in the game. Cheers 🙂 https://www.strawpoll.me/17760487
  15. Vet'ion KC doesn't count towards boss kc. Add the ability to overload and overkill in the wilderness so you don't have to bank every 10 minutes. Fix the looting bag dropping all your items on the floor as unnoted items upon death. Idk if this one is true but apparently justiciar is bis for everything, if this is true, buff or nerf malevolent accordingly so that the strength bonuses of it are better. Thats malevolents key attraction point Give us the ability to add the 9% d/r boost to the ancient helmet Add a redwood cutting spot to DZ5 Add a runecrafting altar to DZ5 Fix or replace the current snowman head model. Still doesn't work, I think the event possibly gives out the wrong item for the snowman head. Even though noone has it yet, make the staff of sliske unlimited runes in every rune type, not just the elementals, it's a T92 for a reason Make the bunny hit boxes for the easter event bigger, such a ballache to click them Make a damage requirement on party demon, nothing big maybe 1k or 2k, just so people can't tp in last second and be able to loot the chest. Make aura's work in the wilderness, I've tested a few and they seem to not work there. Add soul rune pack into the magic store. Make tectonic malev and sirenic dyable. If not applicable give it the ability to not break by applying a certain item to it. Bring back augment able items. Make instances for cerberus, hydra, kraken etc. Cheers nerds.