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    Update #138

    Nice work man :D!
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    Update #137

    Nice work man, we needed this ❤️
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    This would actually be dope to have
  4. I'll see you in a month ❤️
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    Update #135

    Time to see what this 2K rank is about
  6. Due to recent events I have to -1 too.
  7. This is actually dope
  8. Google

    Update #134

    Nice work 😄
  9. Google

    Slayer Survival

    We all want to grind out the T92 Seren Godbow and with the implementation of new minigame we can start the grind. Hopefully this guide will help you to get trough those waves a bit easier. The gear is a guideline, better or worse can be used ofcourse. Also keep in mind that I have all perks unlocked, in case you don't --> Some more potions might be required. Inventory: 1 Overkill Potion 1 Super Antifire Potion 2 Prayer Renewal Flasks 2 Sanfew Serum Flasks 6 Saradomin Brew Flasks Gear: Weapons: Serpentime Helmet Mutated Blowpipe Amulet of Perfection Chaotic Rapier (I) Ganodermic Poncho Dragonfire Shield Ganodermic Leggings Chaotic Staff (I) Completionist Cape Arcane Spiritshield Donator Boots Blood Barrage Runes Donator Ring Rune Pouch Donator Gloves Vampyrism Aura The minigame itself: Wave 1: Crawling Hands Wave 2: Jellys Wave 3: Dust Devils Wave 4: Banshees Wave 5: Aberrant Spectres Wave 6: Infernal Mages Wave 7: Bloodvelds Wave 8: Skeletons Wave 9: Giant bats Wave 10: Ice Giants Wave 11: Poison Spiders Wave 12: Waterfiends Wave 13: Gargoyles Wave 14: Chaos Dwarves Wave 15: Magic Axes Wave 16: Turoths Wave 17: Nechryaels Wave 18: Fire Giants Wave 19: Bronze Dragon Wave 20: Black Demons Wave 21: Abyssal Demons Wave 22: Edimmu Wave 23: Dark Beasts Wave 24: Ganodermic Beasts Wave 25: Brutal Green Dragons Wave 26: Blue/ Green/ Black Dragon Wave 27: King Black Dragon Wave 28: Moss Giants Wave 29: Adamantite/ Runite Dragon Wave 30: Cave Horrors Wave 31: Icy Strykewyrms Wave 32: Daggonoths Wave 33: Thermonuclear Smoke Devil/ Smoke Devils Wave 34: Cave Crawlers Wave 35: Ankous Wave 36: Rockslugs Wave 37: Cockatrice Wave 38: Pyrefiends Wave 39: Basilisks Wave 40: Kurasks Wave 41: Aquanite Wave 42: Frost Dragons Wave 43: Steel Dragons Wave 44: Hellhounds Wave 45: Wild Dogs Wave 46: Lesser/ Greater Demons Wave 47: Spitting Wyvern (DFS Required.) Wave 48: Taloned Wyrvern (DFS Required.) Wave 49: Long-Tailed Wyvern (DFS Required.) Wave 50: Spitting/ Taloned/ Long-Tailed/ Ancient Wyvern (DFS Required.) Wave 51: Glacor After finishing the 51 Waves, you get 5 Reward points.
  10. Dope to see, nice work man!
  11. It's been a while since someone made a proper series, I like it a lot!
  12. God, Ralph found another frenchie Nonetheless, Welcome 😉
  13. I liked this introduction, we've met but still, welcome 🙂
  14. Google


    Until given better reason I can't +1 either, the why we should indeed is just lacking like Mayu said.
  15. Time to collect some presents for the big man! Nice update ❤️
  16. This is some neat update, I might actually start an UIM >.>
  17. Excited to see what more is coming over time 🙂
  18. In theory I can make a level 3, lock the EXP & then get IFB on it. KC is most damage dealt and not just "You hit a 1 gg here u go"
  19. Happy thanksgiving and that's a nice ass track ❤️