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  1. +1, I'd love to get some more use out of the points.
  2. Google

    Update #123

    Nice update man 😮
  3. Big vouch for the man, bought nearly 200$ and it was done within 5 minutes. Smooth and quick as butter on toast
  4. Google

    Update #122

    This should help once I finally go to Celestia
  5. Would be nice to see it change every 6 or 12 hours tbh +1
  6. Welcome man 🙂 Even though you won't talk much I look forward to seeing you ingame
  7. Google

    Random ideas

    +1 for the slayer monsters, I like 🙂 -10, familiars don't need to be OP + they're not used so much ~1, master capes + trimmed comp ~1, it's a nice addition but as Happy said, it's bought with donator tokens so idk ~1, I like the idea but it'd need an actual use -1 +1 for the closing interfaces, could be nice
  8. Google


    I like this song'erino Keep up the good work my man ❤️
  9. It would be nice to see but it can't be free imo.
  10. Could be done but even if primal would be added in, it should be T87 and not T90. Noting and unnoting is nice. +1 on the sword
  11. I'll speak to you Sandwich boi, you owe us some more loving.