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  1. Google

    Update #129

    Stripped my off my title, smh.
  2. Not only is this frustrating, it's also worthless to those who have obtained it once. You get a 1x good reward and after it's trash.
  3. +1 nonetheless on this
  4. Google

    Update #128

    Time to g r i n d t h i s o u t.
  5. I agree on the first 3 The others, I don't see issue with more challenge let alone helping people out with DXP. On the note of find 25 treasure chests, this is just unnecessary tbh. To continue: Elite diary require you to prestige but trimmed comp req under ::compreqs does too so it's now a requirement for both reg and trimmed. Seems like ano.
  6. +1 on the cape -10 on DTD +1 on herb pack +1 on slayer boxes -1 on QBD
  7. 1) I feel this would make it so that people can buy the crystals in 1 run, just pay or afk the losing team and spam collect. 2) Sure why not 3) this would fix the afk/ multi logging aspect
  8. Google


    There's no 8B item in the Runecoin store. The patch used for a blowpipe or the runecoins itself for a T92 creation don't take away the need of the other items involved. The store could use an update, I agree but somethings just aren't true.
  9. Google

    elemental ores

    +1, or you know, just remove them because useless
  10. Google

    Update #127

    This is a nice ass update 🙂 Thanks
  11. So you could give the effect to TOL gloves & potentially think about Gloves of Immense Power?
  12. I can +1 this especially because it's tough shit to make, so why not let people use it all the time.
  13. Google

    Update #126

    The Q of my L defintely improved.
  14. This would completely defeat the purpose of max prestige + max exp, you'd finally "be done" with gaining experience just to get thrown back into it.