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  1. Google

    Update #133

    Interfaces looking nice af!
  2. God, Ralph found another frenchie Nonetheless, Welcome 😉
  3. I liked this introduction, we've met but still, welcome 🙂
  4. Google


    Until given better reason I can't +1 either, the why we should indeed is just lacking like Mayu said.
  5. Google

    Update #132

    Time to collect some presents for the big man! Nice update ❤️
  6. Google

    Update #131

    This is some neat update, I might actually start an UIM >.>
  7. Google

    Update #130

    Excited to see what more is coming over time 🙂
  8. In theory I can make a level 3, lock the EXP & then get IFB on it. KC is most damage dealt and not just "You hit a 1 gg here u go"
  9. Happy thanksgiving and that's a nice ass track ❤️
  10. I see no reason why not, +1
  11. Google

    Update #129

    Stripped my off my title, smh.
  12. Not only is this frustrating, it's also worthless to those who have obtained it once. You get a 1x good reward and after it's trash.