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  1. Ugly God

    Update #136

    @Zeigun Server seems to be down, join the discord to chat with us
  2. Ugly God

    Update #136

  3. Long live the Cabbage King!
  4. Naturally funny 😂 Very nice guide. I've been waiting for these!
  5. Another great vid, keep it up!
  6. This is amazing! Really cracked me up when Dharoks lit you up ahahaha GG. Keep them coming :D
  7. In-game Name: Ugly God Donor Rank: I forget, whichever $75 gets you :O Full screen shot of client (including total amount donated):
  8. Don't speak to me like that you filthy un-ranked pilgrim.
  9. Name: Turner Age: 22 *In-Game name: Ugly God Discord account: Ugly God Alternative method of contact: Say a prayer in my name *Time at Hydrix/when did you join: 2D 23H, joined last weekend. *Did someone recruited you, if so, please mention: Asiantown200 begged me to join Timezone: Canadian EST *What other clans have you been in (if any) and why did you leave: N/A *Why do you think you should be part of Commanditos: I have no doubt in my mind that I am the best PvMer in the game. On top of that, I have spectacular communication skills, and I am fully confident I will be able to fulfill the clan's needs, as a whole. I will be one of the biggest assets Commanditos has ever seen. Recruiting me is a decision you will always remember and never regret. Additional information: No additional information.
  10. *Disclaimer : Since there wasn't an official Introduction format, I just put my own set of questions that I thought should be in an introduction* Real life name: Turner Nicknames: God Age: 22 Location: Great White North Are you currently in school, or working? I am currently in school full-time working towards getting my bio-engineering degree while simultaneously making a living working part-time at a research lab in my home town. I'm ecstatic to say I have picked up another full-time occupation here on Hydrix 😉 What do you enjoy doing in your free time besides spending time on Hydrix? - Traveling, traveling, traveling! - Weight-lifting - Eating - Sleeping Interesting facts: - I started playing RS in 2007, then transitioning to OSRS and RSPS's after EOC launched in 2012. - I claim to not be much of a skiller, although my first 99s with a fresh start on OSRS were farming and mining. - My total Pre-EOC + OSRS playtime adds up to ~ 2 years and 7 months - Once I set my mind on something, I could stay at a single Boss or hammer a certain skill for weeks on end until I get what I'm looking for. Where in your position do you feel you could improve the most? - During my team here on Hydrix I want to focus on improving communication and team work. Over my time on RSPS's I have always minded my own business and took everything on by myself. Being honest with myself, this will be my last RSPS. One last dance. I want to leave behind a strong, positive legacy for people to remember me by, and most importantly, I want to enjoy it as much as I can, with others, and not just for myself this time. Lastly, is there anything you would like to see in the future of Hydrix? - While I’m pretty content with the state of things at the moment in both our game and community, I would love to see a community of 50+ active daily in my time here. Although that is a LARGE milestone for a RSPS, this server, as far as I've seen, is well equipped to be up there. Another thing I'd like to see improved is our PvP system/community, along with a revamped Raids 1 and Raids 2. I will do my part and suggest all the small things and the big ideas that I believe will make Hydrix live up to its fullest potential.
  11. Big Figure Gibber! Big +1 from me. I've been on Hydrix for 2 solid weeks and from my stand point Gibby here is as honest and active as it gets. Gibber is always willing to help when help is needed and has been a great helping hand to me since day 1.