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    AYYYYY! Looking good!!
  2. In-game Name: Ugly God Donor Rank: I forget, whichever $75 gets you :O Full screen shot of client (including total amount donated):
  3. Don't speak to me like that you filthy un-ranked pilgrim.
  4. Name: Turner Age: 22 *In-Game name: Ugly God Discord account: Ugly God Alternative method of contact: Say a prayer in my name *Time at Hydrix/when did you join: 2D 23H, joined last weekend. *Did someone recruited you, if so, please mention: Asiantown200 begged me to join Timezone: Canadian EST *What other clans have you been in (if any) and why did you leave: N/A *Why do you think you should be part of Commanditos: I have no doubt in my mind that I am the best PvMer in the game. On top of that, I have spectacular communication skills, and I am fully confident I will be able to fulfill the clan's needs, as a whole. I will be one of the biggest assets Commanditos has ever seen. Recruiting me is a decision you will always remember and never regret. Additional information: No additional information.
  5. *Disclaimer : Since there wasn't an official Introduction format, I just put my own set of questions that I thought should be in an introduction* Real life name: Turner Nicknames: God Age: 22 Location: Great White North Are you currently in school, or working? I am currently in school full-time working towards getting my bio-engineering degree while simultaneously making a living working part-time at a research lab in my home town. I'm ecstatic to say I have picked up another full-time occupation here on Hydrix 😉 What do you enjoy doing in your free time besides spending time on Hydrix? - Traveling, traveling, traveling! - Weight-lifting - Eating - Sleeping Interesting facts: - I started playing RS in 2007, then transitioning to OSRS and RSPS's after EOC launched in 2012. - I claim to not be much of a skiller, although my first 99s with a fresh start on OSRS were farming and mining. - My total Pre-EOC + OSRS playtime adds up to ~ 2 years and 7 months - Once I set my mind on something, I could stay at a single Boss or hammer a certain skill for weeks on end until I get what I'm looking for. Where in your position do you feel you could improve the most? - During my team here on Hydrix I want to focus on improving communication and team work. Over my time on RSPS's I have always minded my own business and took everything on by myself. Being honest with myself, this will be my last RSPS. One last dance. I want to leave behind a strong, positive legacy for people to remember me by, and most importantly, I want to enjoy it as much as I can, with others, and not just for myself this time. Lastly, is there anything you would like to see in the future of Hydrix? - While I’m pretty content with the state of things at the moment in both our game and community, I would love to see a community of 50+ active daily in my time here. Although that is a LARGE milestone for a RSPS, this server, as far as I've seen, is well equipped to be up there. Another thing I'd like to see improved is our PvP system/community, along with a revamped Raids 1 and Raids 2. I will do my part and suggest all the small things and the big ideas that I believe will make Hydrix live up to its fullest potential.
  6. Big Figure Gibber! Big +1 from me. I've been on Hydrix for 2 solid weeks and from my stand point Gibby here is as honest and active as it gets. Gibber is always willing to help when help is needed and has been a great helping hand to me since day 1.