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  1. Please note the following rules will be implemented immediately; Safe-spotting; Safe-spotting is not permitted in profitable areas. Areas of such include; bosses, mini bosses and any monster that has a profitable drop. Punishment can be a bank reset & ban if continued.  Multi-logging; You are prohibited from using 2 or more alternate accounts that meet in the same regional area such as Bosses & other Monsters, Minigames, Skilling & events such as masses. You are strictly only allowed to meet at home together unless given permission.
  2. Updated, thank you for supporting Hydrix. 🤗
  3. @Pencilvester @Breh he’s right, he’s welcome to re-apply for his role whenever. Cheese just won’t make his final decision for some time. So don’t discredit him just because of that.
  4. Hello everyone, hope you all are having a good day. We've got some changes in the staff team, and due to recent events we are in need of some new Server Supports, so if you feel you're qualified for the job please make a thread here. Be sure to read the guidelines and follow the template, thank you. @Pencilvesterhas resigned from Server Support, we thank him for his time. @Brehhas been demoted from Server Moderator. @Spuddy, @Jamieson have been removed from the Server Support ranks with the possibility of earning them back. Kind Regards, Hydrix Administration
  5. Updated, thank you for supporting Hydrix. 🤗
  6. Great to see some guides! Looking forward to more!
  7. $10 Donation (Donator) Donator Title Ability to use ::yell Access to the Donator Zone- ::dz Donator Zone consists of a few stores, a new boss, skilling resources & a bank for quick access. Access to buying Click banks Extra spins for logging in and playing 2 Wilderness task re-rolls (daily) $25 Donation (Super) Super Title All Regular Donator benefits Ability to use ::bank Ability to use ::switchspells 3 wilderness task re-rolls (daily) $50 Donation (Extreme) Extreme Title Every Donator and Super benefit Ability to use ::b (to bank) Ability to set a yell colour & shadow Ornate pool gives Overkill effect New Donator Zone- ;;Dz2 Access to the Black Market store 4 wilderness task re-rolls (daily) $100 Donation (Ultimate) Ultimate Title All Extreme, Super, & Donator benefits 1 free clue scroll each day 5% drop rate bonus Ultimate Donator override outfit 5 wilderness task re-rolls (daily) $250 Donation (Legendary) Legendary Title All Ultimate, Extreme, Super, & Donator benefits New Donator zone that has dream trees- ;;dz3 Donator Zone provides a 10% xp buff Ability to cut dream trees which can be used to make the Overkill potion Access to a new slayer master that grants 50% xp boost 6 wilderness task re-rolls (daily) $500 Donation (V.I.P) V.I.P Title All Legendary, Ultimate, Extreme, Super, & Donator benefits Access to an improved Donator Zone- ;;dz4 Includes several skilling objects Killable npc's that drop keys to fight a boss that drops 3 VIP exclusive items) Donator Zone Provides a 20% xp buff VIP exclusive boss 7 wilderness task re-rolls (daily) $1000 Donation (Sponsor) Sponsor Title All V.I.P, Legendary, Ultimate, Extreme, Super, & Donator benefits Access to a new Donator zone- ;;dz5 Includes several skilling objects, a custom map & a few banks for quick access Provides a 40% xp buff 1x Daily Deathtouched dart 2x Daily Temple of Light scrolls Additional 7% drop rate bonus Additional 5 slayer points per task 10% chance the food you eat will not be consumed Free Teleport to slayer task 8 wilderness task re-rolls (daily) Photo credits to @Breh Thanks to @Valentine for the previous benefits thread where the above information originated from.
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    Awesome update! Keep up the good work mate, looking forward to future updates. 😀
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    Well thank you for your efforts. 🤗
  10. Hello, hope everyone is well and having a good day. We’ve had a demotion in the staff lineup. Due to this member attempting to steal from Hydrix, he has been removed from the Hydrix community and it’s entirety. @Raphael has been demoted from Owner. If you’d like more information as to why, please see the Discord Announcements. Enjoy your day everyone and have fun. 🙂 Thank you, Hydrix Administration
  11. Loving the videos, keep up the good work!
  12. @Remix, updated your account, thank you for supporting Hydrix! 😃
  13. Awesome video, keep up the good work. 😄