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    Random ideas

    tats completely fine with me really
  2. Gg Moo

    Random ideas

    this would be countered with lower timer/and time to collect the pouches for them can be balanced for collection time vs dps of titan
  3. Gg Moo

    Random ideas

    Superior slayer tasks-- chance of abyssal demons/nechs/dust devils/kurasks/hell hounds etc monster to spawn a superior that has 100% chance of totem drop increased drops/ rare drop of slayer tickets/ eternal gem that can be made into eternal slayer ring w/ slayer points that lets you teleport you to your task for free from inventory Superior Familiars-- new quest which i can write dialogue/steps for (already writing it)-- reward would be a new familiar type from iron/steel/unicorn and unicorn familiar-heals more and deals more damage each heal cures poison iron titan- more damage and health tank option special steel titan- same hp more damage New familiars would take about on average 5 minutes to collect the items for it and only last 10-30 minutes Skilling perks-- wcing/mining/hunter/fishing/cooking/herb/ perks either one for each skill or combined into a 1/2/3% gathering perk that sends extra supplies to bank Ability to research perks to combine them-- Eg: 3 1% xp increase perks have a 30-40% chance to make a 2% perk 3 2% perks have a 30-40% chance to make a 3% perk to create sink for low level perks and a new use of hydrix points New arrows-- Ancient bars made into 15 arrow tips magic logs fletched into new shafts and silverhawk or regular feathers= ancient arrows with ability's similar to enchanted bolts with the ability to lower enemy's current defense by 5-15% would be made for bosses that take a little while to kill (nex/corp/anything else with a decent defense and hp) serpentine helmet upgrade for mage and range requires a new item which can be used to research it into a new variant of either type all 3 serp helms(melee/range/mage) researchable into a new bis serp helm (not bis helm just bis for anti psn off task zulrah etc) escape button to close interfaces Edit: Other suggestion Aura refresher for rune coins or money or both? not sure on amount but welcome to ideas
  4. In-game name on Hydrix: gg moo In-game name on DrygonScape: gg moo Rank on DrygonScape?: donated $150-170ish