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  1. +1 to all, I like these, GE needs that update, and Jail needs to be moved or figured out as well, been mentioned before a lot of times. I talked to you about the Royal Dragon thing with the lances, so hopefully enough ideas like that can get it figured out in the future 😄
  2. Spuddy

    Update #135

    Was trios fixed as well? xD
  3. I was told I was free to reapply, so its here for anytime someone wants to look at it I suppose
  4. Username: Spuddy Time played (Full screen shot): https://prnt.sc/re6taz (May not show up on here, have to click) Timezone: Eastern Daylight Time -5:00 GMT Any past experience: Multiple servers over the course of 10+ years. I've been every staff position (mostly Moderator since support did not exist back then) I'd list the servers I'd been staff on but it's been so long ago, dating all the way back to 2007-8. Why we should choose you: Neutral person, great understanding of the server and it's needs, I'm deemed as a helpful and pretty interactive person with loads of experience. I've played a lot of Runescape when I was younger and in my teens, a lot of servers included with Frugooscape being an oldie, and the OG Mopar. I'm but a friendly and lowly man, I don't aim to harm anyone rather than to help and support the server with any of my ideas and such. Additional Info: The Time Played needs a fix because it isnt accurate, I've played for over a couple of months dating back to my join date on the forums (August iirc)
  5. He's been here for a very long time and being a former staff member, I respect your decision to come back. +1 Respectable guy, hell of a character, great friend of practically anyone in the server, and importantly he knows what he's doing, and what goes on in the server. ❤️
  6. I accept this decision, +1 been around longer than me but never had the chance to become staff, but he's very knowledgeable, to the point, great guy overall. He's got a lot of love throughout the years. This should be the go to guy for our next support.
  7. Spuddy

    Feeling Blue :(

    Very nice dude, nice beats. Thanks for the music you bring us, lad. 🙂
  8. Spuddy

    Update #134

    Currently at work, but nice addition! Can't wait to show the dog at home what for. 😉
  9. Player PIN's are sorta buggy when you log in you can walk and get killed and such and you have to type quickly before you die, etc. Can we have a PC recognizer or Authenticator to replace this?
  10. Spuddy


    Mayu is a realest though. Lol
  11. I haven't met you at all, I can't really give much of an opinion but best of luck man
  12. In-game Name: Spuddy Donor Rank: Ultimate Side Rank: Support Full screen shot of client (including total amount donated):
  13. But.. what Economy? 😛 Nice update though
  14. +1 Id like to see different items like this in each seasonal event. A few more items could be like a dfs/visage, possibly medium-large lamps as a rare? Chance for a double roll, more tokens as a reward, barrows totem for rots tele, or runecoins?