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  1. To be honest, I think it would be a cool idea to add hard clue scrolls, these could be a rare drop (rarer then easy) from all bosses, could make them boss drops only. These hard clues could provide increased loot chance of 3a, dyes, etc. Could even add a rare chance of obtaining a keepsake key from the clues, so you can keepsake 3a or other cosmetics obtained from clues. these are just rough suggestions, however does anyone think this would be a good idea, and if you have anything else you'd like to see added to them, just post!
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  3. I 100% support this, at the moment heist is dead, BIS boots are pretty much non existent for those who didn't join when heist was active, it would be good to see heist a thing again, and people being actually able to grind for it, whereas they can't right now!
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    Wow much beautiful ❤️
  5. Firstly, I believe there should be a way to remove toxic blowpipe upgrade, whether it be something bought from the runecoin shop, or possibly a donation. Secondly, I believe we should have new colored dyes, my main suggestion is purple, this dye especially could drop from skortizo, as a rare drop.
  6. #makesheafsharksgreatagain
  7. Agree'd with player pin, although I think it could just be set so you cant move, trade, or do anything until you've entered your bank pin. As it stands now, if you have anything equipped or in your inventory, you can still trade those items, meaning if your account gets hacked, anything you're wearing or have in your inv can be taken!
  8. I believe it'd be a good idea to either A; add new items to the existing trivia store, or B: make it so the items in the trivia store change every now and then, could be every week, or every month, depending on what everybody likes!
  9. Please and thankyou <3