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  1. Was nice knowing you Jamie, Love ya, hope you decide to come back!!! ❤️
  2. Welcome to the server Gunter, look forward to seeing you around :)
  3. Suggestion list. #1 Firstly I believe the new boss(es) that drop the gloves used to merge with TOL gloves into BIS t92 gloves should be *1 first phase - The Nightmare - which has the chance to drop the mellee gloves *2 second phase - Hespori - which has the chance to drop the range gloves *3 third phase - The Mimic - which has the chance to drop the mage gloves. These are all OSRS bosses and I believe it would be nice to incorperate them into hydrix. During the phases I believe the boss(es) should have the chance to revert to the previous phase, or skip to the next phase, this would add an additional challenge to aquiring the gloves. Once a player obtains all the gloves, they can be merged at research table, along with the TOL gloves to produce BIS hybrid t92 gloves. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Royal Lance & Rapier I believe we should add a new boss, of which, Royal lance & rapier are BIS on, this would be something extra besides lance & rapier being purely cosmetic. This boss could either, or both, drop a new armor, or even drop upgrade patches that can be used on the lance & rapier to give them stats on other bosses. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jail* We strongly need to fix the jail system, as it's easy to break out of the jail. I understand that if a player does this then you should temp ban them, but it's best not to have it happening in the first place. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Grand Exchange - Make it so you can sell items over the 2147m limit, just make it give the person tickets instead. Or to add-on to this, we could add player-owned-shops instead of a GE
  4. Nice update cheeseyboi, good to see new content coming out!
  5. Great work & content cheeseyboi ❤️
  6. Hmm, think the entire point of the demotion of the support team was to re-prove your ability to be a staff member in the eyes of cheese! seems a bit too soon after the event to be re-applying!
  7. +5million% support notorious, he's shown a decent understanding of the rules, and knowledge of the game, helps out whenever i see him on, he's kind to players, has never broken the rules, and i fully believe he'll benefit this server by being staff!
  8. Pencilvester


    -1, needs a more detailed reason of why you should be staff, not just because you're IM
  9. To be honest, I think it would be a cool idea to add hard clue scrolls, these could be a rare drop (rarer then easy) from all bosses, could make them boss drops only. These hard clues could provide increased loot chance of 3a, dyes, etc. Could even add a rare chance of obtaining a keepsake key from the clues, so you can keepsake 3a or other cosmetics obtained from clues. these are just rough suggestions, however does anyone think this would be a good idea, and if you have anything else you'd like to see added to them, just post!
  10. Pencilvester


  11. I 100% support this, at the moment heist is dead, BIS boots are pretty much non existent for those who didn't join when heist was active, it would be good to see heist a thing again, and people being actually able to grind for it, whereas they can't right now!
  12. Firstly, I believe there should be a way to remove toxic blowpipe upgrade, whether it be something bought from the runecoin shop, or possibly a donation. Secondly, I believe we should have new colored dyes, my main suggestion is purple, this dye especially could drop from skortizo, as a rare drop.
  13. #makesheafsharksgreatagain