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  1. Jamieson

    Update #137

    This update is 10//10 Cheese, BIG moves
  2. yeahhhh im quiting, it was a fun 8 months and dont regret anything. tired of people talking shit behind my back cus theyre behind a computer screen >.> just wanna thank cheese + Google + ire for being the best staff 🙂. May come back in the future but people keep saying it aint gonna survive for that much longer but idk i feel cheese will bring it back 🙂 Peace bois
  3. Jamieson

    Update #134

    10/10 update again cheese 🙂
  4. Being able to transfer a rank to another account (just once) because i donated on my easy account and nearly got 9b xp on it and its gonna be useless af and didnt realize id max out this quick and wish i donated on my heroic account now and making it so you can only do this once means people cant just transfer ranks/perks when they feel like it Thanks