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  1. yeahhhh im quiting, it was a fun 8 months and dont regret anything. tired of people talking shit behind my back cus theyre behind a computer screen >.> just wanna thank cheese + Google + ire for being the best staff 🙂. May come back in the future but people keep saying it aint gonna survive for that much longer but idk i feel cheese will bring it back 🙂 Peace bois
  2. Jamieson

    Update #134

    10/10 update again cheese 🙂
  3. Username: Jamieson Time played (Full screen shot): Timezone: United Kingdom GMT (my sleeping pattern is fucked so pretty much NA timezone lmfao) Any past experience:Was Support on a server in october 2019 (took a break from Hydrix because of the old owner not caring about the server) Why we should choose you: I personally think Hydrix has a strong staff team but i thought i should make an application for the future 😛. I'm always online (12+ hours a day) i love helping new players and answering any questions they may ask, I'm an easy guy to get along with and very laid back but if someone breaks the rules then its a different story. Im very loyal and trustworthy. i think im a good candidate for the staff team 🙂 appreciate all feedback TY 🙂
  4. Being able to transfer a rank to another account (just once) because i donated on my easy account and nearly got 9b xp on it and its gonna be useless af and didnt realize id max out this quick and wish i donated on my heroic account now and making it so you can only do this once means people cant just transfer ranks/perks when they feel like it Thanks