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  1. title says it all, i really dont think its necessary to kill chickens
  2. Just a couple QOL suggestions for the ironman gamemode that would make it more pleasing to play and grind out 1. Some method to get bulk blood and ice barrage runes, obviously we could runecraft them but if you're grinding a boss out that requires mage rc'ing the runes is going to be quite unreasonable for the amount of runes you would be using. So i suggest possibly a NPC or a minigame of some sort that would give bulk amounts of Death, Soul, and Blood Runes. 2. Possibly adding sharks or rocktails to the hydrix pt shop? As of now the only method i know to get living minerals to catch rocktails is by killing the golems and you only get ~15 minerals per kill making it quite the grindy process if you want to stock up on decent food to continue bossing. 3. Possibly adding some sort of bolts to the hydrix pt store aswell, or adding packs of dragon and ruby bolts (e). I don't see a problem with this being that IM can already currently access the store and there is packs of dragon darts currently in there, it would just make bossing less tedious if you didn't have to make bolts every time you want to range something.