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  1. It would be a lot faster if the nodes were implemented
  2. Would be awesome for Runespan to have the 3rd level + all the nodes on every level and make the platform transporters actually use the runes they require.
  3. DRYAX As of this moment Dryax's max HP and the damage he deals are quite out of balance. Constant high hits with a lot of health should be balanced out more a bit. Lowering attack speed, damage or health is what it takes.
  4. QOL Ideas: - Ability to use a broken item on "I can Fix it" NPC to repair the item. While having the right amount of gold in the inventory. - Easier way to teleport to diffrent levels of Dungeneering dungeons. - Barrows Totem drop to Rise of the Six chest, for a chance to get a totem back you used. BOSS IDEAS: - Kalphite King: I know it's killable at its current state but there is a reason why it is rarely killed and that is the one shot ability that you can't dodge. Would be time to give the king a small work and make him use the 3 diffrent attack styles is should be using so it would make it killable without dying to one single attack everytime. That way we can get drygores into the eco and would have another boss to kill for T90s. - Night Gazer: For a boss that has 10 rare drops, the drop rates are quite low, so it could use a little boost. And the boss itself could use a little work with how he attacks. I hope some of these will happen in-game in the future. Thanks for reading o/
  5. I agree with that. The amount of money you need to use is big enough for an item like that. So +1 for this.
  6. So uhhh..... Hi, i'm the green guy in the discord. Have a nice time here.