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  1. +1 Love this idea and would be great to see new items!
  2. 1. I find the collection log we got in game not really handy and a bit annoying, because you can't see what all the drops are from different bosses. Maybe instead of this one, we could have the one that is in OSRS. I have seen quite a few other servers with this log, so it is possible to add: And even having logs for things such as the runecoins shop, vote shop, crafting table, trivia shop and minigames. This would make the possibility to hunt for a full log even bigger, giving the playes many more hours to fill in. - It would maybe even be nice to have rewards for each collection log you fill in completely, such as mystery boxes, runecoins, dtd's, xp lamps, etc. etc. If you got any feedback or ideas, please post down below and thanks for reading!!
  3. There you have a good point. Maybe if possible and if there is time, there could be looked into more skilling minigames or revive the ones that we got in game to add into the challenges. Like do X runs of a certain minigame or get X reward from this skilling minigame etc etc.. to spice it up and make it more worth it.
  4. I think for a monthly reward, it could be something you need a high level for, like magic trees or runite ores and a big amount with a reward that is worth it, but not overpowered. There should be some thought on the subject yes. I totally agree, but think that we could have more daily's, and maybe even daily's that are devided in difficulty. (example: Easy, medium, hard)
  5. @Hydrix I am glad you added the a dailly skilling contract character in game, but are there any ideas to improve this to the format which I added above? Would be nice to see that we could get different tier tasks : 3 daily, 2 weekly, 1 monthly.
  6. rover

    Double exp

    +1 for this idea. Either well or xp scroll's do not work and for players with some funds or sharing the well, leveling from monday to thursday is much easier.
  7. Ingame name is rover. Would like to have the ultimate rank on forums
  8. It is amazing to hear this. Thank you very much!!
  9. This sounds for me like a good idea. I heard that making sirenic was not worth it, because of taking so long. If you invest your time on easy/average xp and grind out prestiging and start killing the apex, getting the gear can be pretty doable and easy. +1 for this idea. makes the grind big.
  10. These are just different ideas. Some will probably not be liked, but they can always be used to get new ideas Text in red could be extra's added to the perk. 1. Master Fledger: Increases the speed of Fletching items by 2 times. (you no longer require bowstring to string (u) bows and Feathers to feather unf ammunition) 2. Huntsman: With this perk, You can now place an extra 2 traps at once (7 traps at level 80+), (gain an additional +25% experience on successful catches, and 10% chance to receive double loot on catching chins/grenwalls) 3. Soul Siphoner: Soulsplit is 25% more effective for healing 4. Master Warlock: Each spellcast has a 50% chance to save all of your runes OR (maybe like a 25% rate if 50 is too high) 5. Lumber Legend: Grants a 33% chance to cut 2 logs and a 10% chance to burn logs automaticly for 50% of regular firemaking xp. 6. Bar mining: Mining ores gives a X procent chance to directly convert them into bars without needing coal. For example: Iron and steel ores are a 20% chance to change into their respective bars upon mining. Mithril ore has a 12,5% or 15% chance to change into a bar upon mining. Adamant ore has a 10 % chance to change into a bar upon mining. Runite ore has a 5% chance to change into a bar upon mining. I dont know if these rates are too high or not. Just a example. 7. Herbivore: All monsters now have the ability to drop a box that contains 20 random clean herbs. 8. An idea for the supercharged perk is to half down the recharging times. 9. High tier alching: Removes the requirement for Runes when using High Alchemy. 10. Stunner: X % amount of Chance To Stun Your Enemy for 5 seconds 11. Life Stealer: 10% chance to steal 50% of the damage you did. 12. Reflector: 10% chance to reflect the damage that was done upon you. 13. Slayer transporter: Teleporting to your slayer task is free instead of 200k. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skilling contracts. 3 daily ones, 2 weekly ones and 1 monthy one. The daily ones give small amount of skill points, Xp in the contract type skill & a small skilling box The weekly ones give a medium amount of skill points, Xp in the contract type skill & a medium skilling box With a small chance to get a skilling outfit piece The monthy one gives a big amount of skill points, Xp in the contract type skill & 2 big skilling boxes with a higher chance to get a skilling outfit piece. The skilling store could have newer items added for example a Supply box with a menu to choose what kind of items you want like: smithing/mining or woodcutting or fishing and then it gives X amount of random noted items from low to high level supplies. A New perk called: Skiller addict: - 25% More XP from skilling contracts & 25% More rewards from skilling contracts --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you kiddo's like my ideas. These are just some I found/made up or edited. These hopefully will give some inspiration for new perks. If you got some ideas of your own, Please post them below so I can take them up into the post with your name posted by them so Connor can get a clear overview.
  11. Name: Yoram Age: 20, almost 21 *In-Game name: Rover Discord account: Kenpachi Alternative method of contact: Not giving you my private st00f in public. *Time at Hydrix/when did you join: around 2 weeks ago, but I played months ago for a while. *Did someone recruited you, if so, please mention: Raphael mentioned that I could applicate here! Timezone: GMT +1 *What other clans have you been in (if any) and why did you leave: No other clans on this server. *Why do you think you should be part of Commanditos: I haven't played for that long, but I have been playing rsps for over 7 years and in that time i have acquired a lot of skill and knowledge about the world of runescape. I love to play this server and I will be here for the long run. Additional information: I will be online most of the day on my free days and as much as possible on busy day. I like to help people and try to have a good time!
  12. 1. A herbsack in the dungeoneering or slayer shop which can store up to 30 herbs. -A upgrade for the herbsack, which will make it into a Herbsack(i). This item can hold up to 60 herbs 2. A upgrade for the Charm imp, Which will make it into a Charm imp(i). This item will send charms directly into your bank. -You can also wear the (i) variant in your inventory for this to work. 3. Make it so that while trading you can take money out of your money pouch or directly put in the trade menu. 4. Slayer masters should take the money for changing tasks out of your money pouch instead of your inventory. 5. A Agressive potion that will make all npcs in a X amount of block aggresive and attack you. This potion should work for about 5-10 minutes to prefent massive afking 6. When going to zamorak there are 3 werewolves spawned on the ice, which are unreachable. 7. Making bows and crafting gems without knife/chisel in inventory is not working. should be fixed. 8. When leveling up hunter, it shows the dungeoneering sign in the chatbox ( quite bad for a server this old ) 9. Suggestion: Lava flow mining for lvl 77 mining and with the tokkul you mine, you can buy the golden mining outfit. 10. Donatorzone 2 could probably have something like a store with noted items such as Noted diamond & Dragonstones Noted Iron and steel bars Noted herblore items. This is because the zone is only good because of the black market and dream tree. otherwise it is just like the regular donator zone.