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  1. de1337ath

    Update #117

    Hell yes. Hopefully this encourages the noobs!
  2. de1337ath

    Update #116

    Can someone check this guys fingers for callouses? Great update fast boi
  3. Lots of new people like me being totally confused and having to dredge our way through rune-wiki to find the things lol. Thanks if you fix!
  4. i could tell, but hey... with enough people that will probably change, im bringing my friend here, hoping everyone will do the same ;D Servers fun enough as is for me atm, i aint ready to pk nowhere near ready yet
  5. Hey, i just joined this server and already donated for some things that will help me level/quality of life. Im absolutely amazed at the care taken to this server, i have been looking for just this kind of gem. I hope we all get along and that i can somehow get pure pking to be a thing ;) after i have leveled up my main, ill start working on a pure, thanks for reading my intro family.