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  1. +1, it does get pretty frustrating having to rely on this specific title drop, considering that the "The Thunderous" title is part of the very rare drop table and there's about 5 items on that very rare drop table. Could say the same about Easter Bunny since the title is part of the rare drop table, which is pretty easy to land on, but there's also like 6 other items on that table too.
  2. Asiantown200

    Update #125

    Great update. Glad to see the T90 sets have even more use to them. Good change to Sirenic since sets should be a lot easier to farm now. Also can't wait to see what the superior apex model will look like.
  3. +1, once you get the food healing perk from the trivia store, the only thing to really get that benefits you is the small xp lamps Would definitely love to see some new items be added and make trivia something worth while to try for.
  4. 100% earned a vouch from me. exchange rates are definitely fair. kept it simple and easy to make the transaction between one another.
  5. +1, it definitely gets annoying waiting 24 hours for it to reset, especially when you wait for the event to reset, and then that event isn't one you really need. But I think the cycle should be 6-8 hours so people have ample time to get on for the event and then farm the event for a bit.
  6. +1 to basically all the suggestions but 1) As you get towards endgame, I feel like there is a lack of need for familiars as you can basically solo bosses easily. People tend to use pets because of the drop rate perks/other beneficial perks available for pets. 2) I'm totally all for the researching perks to upgrade them to higher tiers, but personally I think the rate should be on the higher end (like 65% or higher). I only think it should be higher because you do have to get the majority of perks specifically out of the pet perk boxes which do cost 2500 donator tokens each.
  7. +1, it definitely gets a little annoying when you look for a boss/npc and something completely random shows up. also some/no drops are displayed when the npc/boss is searched for. probably would also help with future ironman who are looking for specific things they need for skilling/gear.
  8. Only a few words can describe how impressive this bank is. Congratulations on hitting 25k boss kills!
  9. Great guide overall. Covers basically everything you need to know going into the raid for the first time. Super detailed as well.