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  1. Muffin

    i'm baaaack

    hello everyone, i'm back after a long break. after my battle with depression multiple losses in my personal life and the struggle of losing my job causing me to be absent for a good amount of time. now i am happy to announce that i am back and playing again. for those oldfags under us. hi, hope you missed me. and to the new players let me introduce myself my name is muffins, i like muffins i've been playing hydrix pretty much since release. acted as a member of support and generally help people out with questions or items if and when i can. altough being released from my support duties i want to invite you all to send me a message ingame with any questions you might have! i'll do my best to answer them and assist you in creating the best experience on hydrix. as for connor, yes i know you'll read this. brace yourself the muffin woman is back in town and i'm coming to give you all the bug reports to keep you busy! guess thats all, looking forward to seeing you all ingame! much love muffins<3
  2. what do i get for having one of the first accounts and first ever created ironman?
  3. Muffin

    XMAS 2018 guide

    referring to what @Pvm said. some players dont care about it, some want the content to the fullest extend and others want to get it done and over with. again you're free to use the guide if you want. nobody is forcing you to use it.
  4. Muffin

    XMAS 2018 guide

    if you want to explore by yourself you simpely dont use the guide, its there for a reason cause some people cant be bothered. if you want to do the exploring and the searching yourself you dont use the guide
  5. Muffin

    XMAS 2018 guide

    This Guide Is For The People Who Cant Be Bothered To Witch Hunt Presents For The 2018 Xmas Event Start The Quest By Talking To Santa located at ::home, he'll tell you that he's lost some presents when flying over the world of runescape he expects you to find them against mediocre rewards. He then gives you a list of cities you need to look in to find the missing presents. Location 1: Varrock Map Location: Location 2 Lumbridge: Map Location: Location 3 Falador: Map Location: Location 4 Lunar Isle: Map Location: Location 5 Port Sarim: Map Location: After you collect all 5 of his presents return home and talk to santa to complete the quest Reap the "Rewards" Overall 4.6/10 like the nostalgia outfit, hate the hide and seek
  6. nice updates loving them already +1
  7. okay so, here's the deal, i got some idea's say *ahem* suggestions -add karamja rum (banana) and make it a comp requirement -add ring of stone ability -add ring of gold to clue's -add set xp target in the skills -add set level target in the skills tab -fix orb of oculus (softlocks the game) -adding cosmetic overrides to the donator store
  8. if you prestige twice you will have access to the golden miner set. adding a minigame is hard work, would like to see this though but wont expect it very soon this is being worked on ## Rest Of The Suggestions i agree with and would like to see
  9. exactly my point, what if you're a player cant donate cause either you're too young, or you dont have a paypal account this is a way to say thanks to those players
  10. i would guess this would work as the double xp scroll, works for 1h then poof gone, would like for it to be only usable once a day.
  11. point taken, if the minions would have the "very rare" table for the armours it would be alright
  12. Custom capes to show your loyalty -each cape is different and brings different effects and status effects with them -the higher the cape tier (more loyalty points cost) the better the effects adding bonds to the store -place them at around 25-35k loyalty points so that the people who play but cant donate can still enjoy donor status (1x250=30m = 2x250p=1h=500p (500p*50h(2d 2h)=25.000p) ) adding loyalty exclusive cosmetic items to the store -could be anything from (seperate) outfit (pieces) to overrides more titles to show your support -eg. addicted, no-life, pls help, need help and or elder
  13. i am strongly against the "allowing gwd minions to drop armor for each boss" i see this crashing eco at one point or another. adding death touch darts to slayer shop is a rather bad idea since you can farm slayer and we already provide them in the vote point shop. besides dtds is supposed to be a rare item the rest of the "upgrade" suggestions, i dont see this happening tbh. being able to add heads to slayer helm for different colours, would be nice but shouldnt be a priority since its cosmetic inferno minigame could be nice but again doesnt really feel like a priority thing
  14. Muffin


    medal for being first, dang luckyyyy
  15. but its opening another opportunity for rewards if you didnt get a drop during the spotlight