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  1. Torv

    A New crossbow?

    To be honest i think all the crossbows are lacking to every other weapon in-game. And was thinking if there could be a crossbow better than the mutated blowpipe but not as good as the seren bow or tbow. Could either be a event drop in pieces to make it or a research version where you have to collect the following crossbows - Dragon hunter cbow, ascension cbow, royal cbow with like 5,000 runecoins and some actual coins.
  2. Just don't be stupid and alch things of value xD
  3. I was wondering if there was a way to make raids a instance where only clan members or friends you want to do the raid with can join you. It's annoying when you set up a 5 man raid and another person hops into the raid and gets through to the 2nd stage on Cox but your clan member couldn't because of it 😕
  4. Welcome all fellow plebeians who are looking for a clan with simple requirements! I'm going to keep this intro to the clan nice and simple - We're a friendly clan who'll help players with bosses, skilling, gear and just tips. We do daily raids/bosses and weekly to monthly mass events with the clan. The higher trust you've gained in the clan means your clan rank will go up! Also a little secret we have the best rng compared to other clans 😉 Members who you should message In-Game if you want to join - Weed Torv Boi I skillz