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  1. Just then, I was talking about the HSR with Google, who has recently bought his HSR. We were discussing about the combat bonusses of the ring, which is currently non existent. Which brings me to my suggestion; could we see the stats of imbued dagannoth rings added onto the HSR? This would make it slightly better in combat, but would not ruin the status of Ring of Death and Ring of Immense Power, which both have the passive damage and also better stats.
  2. I know it's been quite recent, since the update to Hazelmere's signet ring. But after testing HSR for a while, even after the update, I feel like HSR is not worth using whatsoever. when you have a ring of immense power. And this is without the taking in the stats and the RoD effect from ROIP. Especially now since your drop rate cap increases with every prestige, it's even harder for people to hit the cap, to make the ring actually worth a while using/switching to, So what I would like to propose is 8% drop rate to the Hazelmere's signet ring opposed to the 5% that it gives right now. In my opinion, this would be fair considering the rarity(only 2 ingame as of today, 7th of september 2019) and it not giving stats whatsoever.
  3. Vouch once again, just purchased $250 from him. Just like the previously, it went quickly and smoothly.
  4. Vouch, bought $55, went quick and smoothly, very trustable guy. Looking forward to buying more donations from you in the future 🙂
  5. Dear players of Hydrix, as some of you know, I've recently been slaying a lot of corporeal beast. As of today, september 5th 2019, I have a killcount of 976 corp beasts. And this is the loot thus far. When you look closely you can see the lack of holy elixirs compared to sigils. Whenever you examine the corp beast, its rarity for holy elixirs is equal to that of the sigils. My personal drop rate for elixirs is 1:244 and sigils (excluding customs) is 1:81,3. I feel like this is way too rare for just the elixirs. At this point, holy elixirs are more valuable than some of the sigils. Which is why I've made this thread, to suggest a buff to the drop rate of holy elixirs. Thank you for reading. - Proficiency P.S. I KNOW I DONT HAVE AN ELY SIGIL REE
  6. I'd like to suggest to put shop hub closer to a bank or have unnoted vials of water put into the herb store for people to train herblore that do not have the bank command. Also would like to suggest another npc for the ghost that retrieves your items after a death, it's genuinely a pain to see if you're a new player. Next to these small QoL updates, i still feel like Hazelmere's signet ring is kinda trash for its rarity, it's only 1% drop rate higher than a ROIP, which is by far way more common than the Hazelmere's signet ring. I'd like to see it have either maybe a drop rate buff, or like i had suggested previously on discord; give it a small chance to double drops.
  7. +1, night gazer being a mid tier boss, is harder to kill than some end game bosses ngl.
  8. As for now, I don't think sirenic is even worth getting at all. Compared to malevolent or tectonic it doesnt actually increase your damage like a t90 power armour set should be expected to do. The accuracy may be nice, but it's almost insignificant when you have weapons like sgb/tbow. It would be nice to see sirenic have a damage set effect like void. Currently a setup with void, sgb and rigour and overkill pot can max a 817 on the dummy at home whilst a sirenic set maxes 726. I know ranged is already very strong and overpowered compared to the other combat styles, but sirenic is, in my opinion, worse than a pernix set at this moment.
  9. support, this sounds like a very nice QoL update.
  10. Completion

    Update #107

    Thanks for the update Pogchamp
  11. This is probably not the first time people have complained about assassin but assassin seems to become slightly leech friendly. That portal that was added recently, makes it so ppl can legit just afk there and just wait for others to kill it for a chance at the drop. Please fix this, it's disgusting when you solo or duo and some guy just stands there having the exact same chance of a drop without doing anything.
  12. YES, pls support. I don't like to waste 10 min of my life everytime i want to go do a round of calamity.
  13. I definitely agree with the point where assassin should give a drop for top DPS'er. locking a high tier weapon behind a world event boss has always been a silly thought in my opinion. Compared to SGB and SoS, getting ZGB is pure luck, just because you can't properly grind it due to its 6 hour spawn timer. I felt like its either a drop for top DPS'er or make the spawn for assassin more frequently. Wouldn't mind milestone drops, just should be something special other than guaranteed ZGB pieces like google said.
  14. whenever I read something like this, most of the time those people do not even attempt to improve at pvming or have never even tried to pvm. Other than that, I do like this idea and the mechanic sound pretty fun.