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  1. If you want a chill and safe place to skill, pvm, or just talk then I strongly recommend to join Sanctuary!
  2. played the server for a little while and I've heard a lot of people saying "I can't pvm" or "I don't know how to pvm" so adding a boss that attacks all three attack styles and will have the potential of one hitting you isn't really fair cause over half the server won't be able to kill it. I think we should make it a boss that can have an enraged state like vorago that can hit through prayer or make the special attack not explode but trap you so you have to break one of the eggs to escape or you will take 500+ damage, not a one hit. I love the idea a ton, just want to be able to fight the boss myself without having to barrowing a tbow or scythe of vitur.
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