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  1. "Examine" option for players, that displays information about the player. Most will assume i'm referring to the players skill stats, and I am. But here are some other unique things I think would be cool to see in that interface. XP Mode (Easy / Average ... etc) Game Mode (Normal / Hcim ... etc) Achievement Diaries Progress ("Bank Rsps" has completed (X) out of (Y) Easy achievements) Boss Kill Count (Would be a sick flex for the hardcore pvmers) -------> Side note : I Know there used to be a billboard to see this, but would look nice in here. Total Amount Of XP Gained (From account creation to present day) Time Played Number Of Times A Mini game Has Been Completed Amount Of $ Donated (Yes I know you can display this using the command, however it would still be nice to see it in this interface) Collection Log Bank Value (with option to toggle off and hide since some people WILL want that to be private) Thank you for reading, reply with your thoughts please 🙂
  2. Awesome update, we appreciate all your hard work @Hydrix !
  3. Title says it all. Would be amazing to not need x2 of everything just to keep the bank in order XD
  4. I Wish you the best in sorting things out brother. It was a pleasure meeting, and spending time with you here on Hydrix. Life can be tough sometimes, I think we can all agree on that. It's always good to just take a step back, breath, and figure things out. Hope to see you back soon fam. Love ya Pooky. ❤️
  5. What Is A Clan Citadel? A Clan Citadel is a fortress of sorts. It consists of seven skill plots that are unlocked through various citadel tier upgrades. Citadel skill plots are where clan members can gather resources that can be used to upgrade and maintain the citadel and all of its structures. Purpose? The purpose of a clan citadel is to bring people together, to bond, and to have fun. Though players working together to upgrade their clans citadel, will not only be quality bonding and fun. it will also be an achievement that is not just player specific, but rather a shareable achievement that everyone within the clan can claim a hand in completing. My Thoughts I Believe that clan citadels would be a breath of fresh air to new players who join our community in the future. Most may know what a citadel is, as well as how it works... But it's surely agreeable that we here at Hydrix are anything but average. I'm interested in hearing what this community would like to see, feature wise, if clan citadels were added. I Think it's important that if these are added into Hydrix, we make them very unique, add things that grab attention, and peak interest. So please if after reading this you think of anything you'd love to see, give a reply and let me hear them! Thanks for reading, as it's much appreciated.
  6. I Think this is a great suggestion, it would be nice to see in-game. +1
  7. Hello everyone! I'm interested in hearing about what type of videos you all would like to see from me. Any ideas are welcome, as I would like to produce the content most interesting to you all! Please leave a comment regarding your idea, and a brief explanation of it. I Will do everything I can to make it a reality.
  8. ~~ The Winners & Their Rewards ~~ 1. Whirlwind - Third Age Melee (Top & Bottom) 2. Tansee - Steadfast Boots & Boots of Brimstone 3. Creative - Pet Mystery Box Contact me in-game or on discord via pm for your rewards! IGN - Bank Account Discord - lysdexic#2999
  9. Small issue when uploaded the first time, here's the new link 😄 -
  10. Bank Account

    First Video!

    Hey everyone, I've uploaded my very first video onto YouTube! If interested in checking it out here's the link! - Please keep in mind that this is my first video, and quality improvements will surely be made! Thank you all for watching!
  11. Well done. Extremely excited for the new events!