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  1. hex

    DR / bugs

    Knowing is allways better than not knowing
  2. hex

    DR / bugs

    Every server ive play on has their drop rates on numerical values, the only reason i can imagine not adding it is, to keep the drop rates a secret.
  3. Rework the examine window, to be able to see propper drop rates , there is no point in using obscure words like "rare" and "very rare" , what does it mean, does rare for corp is the exact same as rare for armadyl, does rare for calisto is the same as rare for bandos, even if it is , would be nice in seeing your chances in numerical values. The dr could be calculated if your dr is at 0. Add a report bug button somewhere in the actual game itself, i have seen new players complain about bugs, and when someone asks to go to forums to report it, exactly 0 people do that.