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  1. Welcome Revohlution 🙂 Looking forward to playing with you! 😄
  2. Awesome Update! Getting a nice addition like Range and Mage Turmoil is always nice 😄 and look at that Others List! Keep it up! 😄 ❤️
  3. +1 - Help keep the slayer grind alive 😄 -1 - I feel like familiars need a buff, they're not used as often as pets with perks are +1 (I guess?) - Theres 104m xp Master Capes that offer the 10% chance to send item to bank -1 ( I guess) with perks costing donator tokens, its hard to justify having less then 100% to create the new emblems. It would suck to have to open multiple boxes, to pull 1 perk you need out of like 25? Just to lose them, let alone do it 3 times) +1 - The arrow concept is cool, and to quote Spuddy "Hydrix Arrows" Since we have bolts, i like that idea, but you want the arrow to spec like a dwh or bgs? Even though it caps at a certain %, this would still only give the arrows a niche use, like (attack with arrows until spec) then swap right back to dragon arrows to save arrows. +1 - this one is kinda Meh for me tbh, theres way better options for magic/range helms, and anti poison, such as the anti poison pet perk, the poison purge aura, and sanfew serums which offer a timed immunity to being poisoned +1 - It doesn't work atm, but sometimes i find myself pressing ESC to close interfaces 😄 I feel this one personally
  4. Would it be possible to make an interface where, you can click on the boss's name, and it loads up another window showing the bosses model, and what they can drop? I know it's in the teleport interface, but maybe we could combine the Killcount Interface and the Collection log? Just a thought 😮 *EDIT* Also, Greyed out items in said collection log please 🙂 ❤️
  5. +1 Maybe allow the well on weekends to have a discount? This could motivate players to skill on the weekends?
  6. Maybe have a benefit based on the Prestige level? like prestige 5 allow an extra pet perk, or maybe allow us to use a 104m cape to use the capes effect with the pet? but +1 to prestige pet idea 🙂
  7. I like this idea tbh. It'll help the prestige zone, and the corrupted brothers to not be a "one and done". Maybe have it where you need 1 apex armor set per style? But +1 to the idea of adding Malev, Tect, and Sirenic to apex to "infuse" it.
  8. So, while doing Gulega today Hans0lo, Ire, and I got a promethium rapier, we were pretty excited as you don't see this is game very often, we made it back home to realize, chaotic (i) is slightly better . So it got me to thinking, in order to revive Gulega and get newer players joining in (It's a pretty easy raid tbh), can we add some recipes to the research table such as: Chaotic (i) (variant) + Promethium variant = Primal variant? (This can even be further added to allow us to make a Promethium (i) somehow through the research table to balance it being a strong weapon 🙂 ) I just feel that after you get to chaotic (i) weapons, the next upgrades tend to be Scythe, Zgs, or drygores, which some players might have difficulty obtaining early on 🙂 Also: Using Noted Items on a Bank booth to get unnoted versions? and vice versa? (Ultimate Ironman incoming plz? 😄 ) P.S.Can we also add Dominion Sword to Gulega's drop table? It's nice getting the staff and crossbow, but melee is lonely too 😞 Thanks for taking the time to read this 🙂 let me know what you think! 😄 ~Happy Slaps
  9. Love it! Awesome update 🙂 Keep up the great work!
  10. I need my legendary rank plz 🙂 only 2 more to go 😉
  11. +1 +1 +1 i suppose eh on this one, i kinda like the boxes giving pets too, allows randomness +1 but maybe like if not daily 7, then maybe a 5m per hour? or some equivilent for that +1 +1 maybe just small xp lamp, so we can choose, it'll make coding it cleaner and easier 🙂 -1 for this one, this demotes killing KK (Although tough) also, Add stats to Ancient Slay helm as it has no offensive or defensive bonuses 🙂 Thanks!
  12. Nice Little QoL update 🙂 Thanks for all the work you put in @Hydrix 🙂 ❤️
  13. I believe the afk timer resets your daily perks instead of not giving points.
  14. +1 -1 unless it's added to a random loot pool, considering this can be pretty eco busting +1 -1 this would demote slaying in catacombs +1 this helps players who have achieved the 3 ancient shard items, it allows them to help other players ugrade, and make a little gp on the side 😄 +1 adding this to one true potion would be awesome 🙂 +1 considering that the jump from 100$ to 500$/1000$ for vip and sponsor cape, this would be pretty fair +1 I assume this is brought up because its slow, but i'm not 100% sure on her spawn times +1 please 😄 +1000 This is a simple fix huge payoff 😄 +1 Personal Preference, but I understand this one 🙂, also remove all "razors" from helmets since equipping certain helms removes beard options on male character models