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  1. well played mate nice work keep it up ❤️
  2. maybe a addition to the catacombs where you can pay X amount to never have to pay the 5m cannon fee? or maybe gp and ancient shards? just a thought 🙂
  3. Afternoon guys, Not sure if iam posting this in the right section but here it goes. On the 15th of april i will be Braving the Shave and cutting all my hair off and maybe my beard (if we reach the goal) for McMillan cancer research which is a charity who do amazing work with children and adults who suffer from all types of cancer. My Grandma has had bowl/stomach cancer three times in the past 15 years and i know she wouldnt be around today if it wasnt for this amazing charity and the work that they do. I know it seems cheeky but if anyone would like to donate how ever big or small all donations count! plus you can see me looking like a thumb with eyes at the end of the whole thing. If people are interested and want to donate to Mcmillan please let me know and i will give you my donation page link. Like i said do feel obligated to donate anything! If you want anymore info please let me know. Means alot thanks guys, Sam xx
  4. Sam

    Master Capes

    good suggestion that mate 😄
  5. Not a bad suggestion mate considering the work that you put in!
  6. nice bro 100% onit! all you weebs are getting it!
  7. Sam


    on that back of PD i think it needs more health now with the addition to the boogie bow but i suppose spawning more times in the day would out way that
  8. god more amazing updates how inconvenient
  9. ima say boss masses/ trivia 1-28 goodie bag but times will be a hard one maybe con can give you the times when most players are online and do it that way
  10. Top suggestion or maybe enchant the wildly weapons to auto collect