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  1. Nvm

    Level pop-up

    Make a toggle in the settings tab where you can toggle and untoggle level pop-ups :)
  2. - Make the donator gear examine price a bit higher (100m)
  3. Nice update, no update wouldnt be a good update without a typo ❤️ "Barbarian assult icons can now be traded on the Grand Exchange."
  4. Make it so you get a warning when high alching a item that is above a certain examine price, so i dont alch my tect top again!
  5. I wanted to eguip it but was on the high alch inv...
  6. Add Anger weapons to the G.E search tab
  7. Im in, no lifing the whole weekend🤗
  8. Nvm


    Let sire spawn instant just like in osrs☺
  9. Nvm


    Slayer kill log > Please make it backtrack *File attached*
  10. I need help getting skilling supplies: Rune ore/bars, coal, fletching exp (magic logs, unstrung bows, dream logs, etc) If you got any to spare, message me in-game >> Nvm
  11. Nvm


    Was on the forums, and saw i did not have a rank hope i will have that now 😄
  12. Donator zones 1 to 3 have rocktail fishing places but dz4 does not, could it get added to there?
  13. Nvm

    Market / G.E

    Make it so you can search a item, and see if it's getting sold or not (or how many there are being sold). From there its more clear what is being sold and you can buy it right away if it is. For some people (not in discord), its unclear what is being sold, or trying to buy. Hope this makes any sense, dutchy boy is bad at english! 🙂
  14. Nvm


    Hi there! My name is Don, im 19 year's of age. I like to play private servers because it has a tighter community and it's fun playing when you have that. Wnat to know anything else, ask in the comments below <3 MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YA'LL