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  1. Nvm

    Level pop-up

    Make a toggle in the settings tab where you can toggle and untoggle level pop-ups :)
  2. - Make the donator gear examine price a bit higher (100m)
  3. Nice update, no update wouldnt be a good update without a typo ❤️ "Barbarian assult icons can now be traded on the Grand Exchange."
  4. I wanted to eguip it but was on the high alch inv...
  5. Make it so you get a warning when high alching a item that is above a certain examine price, so i dont alch my tect top again!
  6. Add Anger weapons to the G.E search tab
  7. Im in, no lifing the whole weekend🤗
  8. Nvm


    Let sire spawn instant just like in osrs☺
  9. Nvm


    Slayer kill log > Please make it backtrack *File attached*
  10. I need help getting skilling supplies: Rune ore/bars, coal, fletching exp (magic logs, unstrung bows, dream logs, etc) If you got any to spare, message me in-game >> Nvm
  11. Nvm


    Was on the forums, and saw i did not have a rank hope i will have that now 😄
  12. Donator zones 1 to 3 have rocktail fishing places but dz4 does not, could it get added to there?