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  1. Accepted ! Welcome to the clan ^^ Feel free to join our discord, link is above.
  2. Accepted ! Welcome to the clan ^^ Feel free to join our discord, link is above.
  3. Commanditos, the ultimate clan of all. We are the veterans, We are the richest, We are respected, We are supportive to the community, We are legends. We want our Clan Zone back. #WeDeserveIt
  4. @Nvm @Whirlwind Both of you are accepted. Reach to a clan member to receive an invite to the clan in-game and please feel free to join our discord clan ^^ The invite link is posted above !
  5. Hey there! The Commanditos Clan has a system set up where clan members request their ideas on the discord, and we post them once we got a few, so if you see any from this account thats why. Enjoy ^^ Suggestions from @Kaii Add slayer staff to the slayer store, along with broad bolts & arrows A Party demon from rs3 type boss. Would be similar to how raids on from WoW with the boss having like 1m+ hp and everyone on the server goes and kills it a World boss so to speak Implement everything at Jadinko Lair, Slay Mutated jadinko babies Slayer-icon 80, Slay Mutated jadinko guards Slayer-icon 86, Slay Mutated jadinko males Slayer-icon 91, Chop Jade roots (all types) Woodcutting-icon 83, Collect Jade roots (all types) Woodcutting-icon 83, Burn Curly roots Firemaking-icon 83,Harden Cut Straight roots None Make Sagaie shafts Fletching-icon 83, Make Sagaies* Fletching-icon 83, Make Bolas* Fletching-icon 87 Impletment catching Salamanders & being able to use them as weaponry Suggestions from @Raphael we have wildy tasks, what about world tasks? example: do 10 raids, do this and that. blah blah blah. with new possible dank rewards removing all max hit caps whilst double hit is on cauuse m8. we cant enjoy the potential of double hitting comp trimmed to have better stats than comp thx. make it so we can add an overkill potion to upgrade the ornate rejuvenation pool so that it gets your stats to an overkill potions instead of overload. cause yeah 😕 those who can use overkills, why use overloads. atleast something to upgrade, doesnt have to be simply an overkill potion, could be a patch you buy in runecoins store or something. or both, overkill potion + patch https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/446294538269491212/530836405270741022/unknown.png 1000 hydrix points seems super low for 500 boss kills. and others milestones the points are low too. they should be increased. Suggestions from @Itsyaboi New potential minigames below \/ - a potential kill 5 waves of increasing dificulty add's would be better than pvp. carry out as many bags as possible for point rewards. (kind of like a payday heist kind of feel) - a pvp base game mode like gambit in destiny 2. kill npcs for points that you have to deposit to a central location. every 5, 10 , or 15 points deposited at a time spawns a corresponding difficult enemy to the enemy side. once you max out the points either 1) game ends or 2) boss spawns for you to kill with this to win. you can also allow a player from each side to pk their opponents but only for a certain amount of time. if the game remains 10 minutes long, we can have every 3 minutes one person can from each team can access a teleporter to go to the opponents side and begin pking to either 1) kill opponents and they lose points 2) kill opponents and it just stalls time from more points being gathered. once boss is killed the team that won gets 10 points, losing team get 2-5 points depending on what you feel is right. With the introduction to using Glory's to tell out of lvl 30 wildy, add the eternal glory that has unlimited charges. in addition to this. i feel like eternal glory like who the fuck cares cause we can just buy glorys in shops, its not like osrs where its actually amazing. so maybe, eternal glory we could make it so you can tele out of wildy from anywhere anytime? make it so if u have all 3 heist boots to infuse them together to make bis tribrid. same stats as the respected boots but them all mashed together. Suggestions from @Gibby make it so royal cannons dont dissapear at hope dev. Suggestions from @Google It'd be nice to see in the "Perks" tab which daily perk you have and haven't unlocked, just an easier way instead of relogging when you forget
  6. Hey there! The Commanditos Clan has a system set up where clan members request their ideas on the discord, and we post them once we got a few, so if you see any from this account thats why. Enjoy ^^ Suggestions from Deathline: Dragon Hatchet/Dragon Pickaxe. Add special attacks for a (In)visible +(Scaling with level) Woodcutting/Mining boost. Add the amount of vote points you have in the player profile tab, Also known as the "Note pad tab". Suggestions from @Vigour: Add in the remaining esswraiths to runespan Balmung & Keris weapons with their respective effects Potentially adding the emblem trader from OSRS to grant us the ability to get the looting bag Of course, you would use the relics from revenants instead Crystal Hally Berserker aura doesn't do anything Suggestions from @Raphael: being able to make overkills flasks with the overload flasks bought in runecoins shop would be dope af (Or a recipe from the runecoin shop) might wanna disable being able to use dtds on max hit dummy at home, saw someone missclicked one on it I feel like having max hit caps on wildy bosses is kind of a waste of potential with all the damage boost increase we can get in wildy. wildy weapons (viggoras etc), corrupted armor, slayer helm and all. with max hit caps, some damage boosts become useless. cant we just remove them 🙂 ok thx new perk on the online store: no daily limit of consumed sheaf sharks (cause man is it annoying 😞 ) add an anti-bleeding patch for the anivia's vulnerability amulet in the recycling shop so you're protected against anivia's insane bleed, a reduce of damage from the bleeding. Suggestions from @Itsyaboi: Revs - freeze should last 10 seconds not 20. more ether should drop. people seem to be uninterested in revs since the new release of ether being needed Suggestions from @Mayumiki: Comp/max cape keeping their colours if keepsaked Make the tan leather spell work, bake pies too and the make plank a ;;b2 and ;;bank2 command Suggestions from @i am alive: ::changespellbook for a donor command to change ur spellbook update that runecoin and value price https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/520838000117153793/524825885195501568/javaw_2018-12-19_06-50-10.png fix the spec on acid drygore weapons Suggestions from @Google: Remove the ether requirement from wildy weapons
  7. Hey there! The Commanditos Clan has a system set up where clan members request their ideas on the discord, and we post them once we got a few, so if you see any from this account thats why. Enjoy ^^ Suggestions from Deathline: Add 1k rune packs too the magic shop, Buying 100k runes of any rune is really inefficient. Coalbags? Maybe obtainable by dungeoneering? Suggestions from @Vigour: Adding respawnable bosses in their respective instance e.g Zulrah, Abyssal Sire. Similar to Kraken Rejuvenation pools In players houses? Player owned house dungeons with selected npcs Suggestions from @Raphael: Adding more uses to ancient shards, here's my idea: Use an X amount with drop boost emblem to create a superior drop boost emblem, would give like 10% instead of 5%. Fair amount would be 100 or something i think. Or more maybe add devourer cape to calamity Suggestions from @Itsyaboi: add giant mole to bosses, maybe it could be a low tier boss like bork that helps players get from low tier to bandos. bork gives a whip, c10 gloves, and fighter torso. potentially we could have giant mole give legs, helm and boots to fufill the true beginner loadout. Make a small buff to the Sanguinesti staff from ToB. this buff would not consist of a stat buff, but more of a healing buff. currently the healing is at 1/6 chance to heal 50% of what you hit when it procs. i feel like it should be easier to proc this heal because it doesn't heal a lot. if it were 1/3 (or half of the cut) i feel like the Sanguinesti staff would be a better weapon over all and would actually be useful. like i said stat wise, i dont want a buff, but over all chaotic staff (i) is a better choice of a staff, while you have to play off of rng and actually paying to get the Sanguinesti staff. in conclusion: increase the healing proc of the Sanguinesti staff from 1/6 to 1/3 of a chance. compared most free staffs, this staff is quite inferior to the rest. when you need to be lucky with rng and pay for entrance fees, this staff is very underwhelming. (if possible, make it stat wise a few stats better than trident of the swamp to make it more worth while and keep its value of a raid weapon) Suggestions from @Mayumiki: Even though it's been brought up a bunch, More banks plz ( Itsyaboi added to this: +1 even if its like the one from drygon, donate 10$ for a full second bank with using the ;;bank2 command ) Dragonbane Bolts, increased damage/acc against dragons
  8. Hey there! The Commanditos Clan has a system set up where clan members request their ideas on the discord, and we post them at near the end of the week, so if you see any from this account thats why. Enjoy ^^ Suggestions from @Vigour: Superior Slayer monsters & Imbued heart Ability to use Jars on weapons corresponding with the boss - Jar of Swamp with Blowpipe to give for example the special Blowpipe has on OSRS Being able to Catch and use Salamanders Fixing Bananas (5) to use as a food source Suggestions from @Itsyaboi: Re-add the Kraken to the 120 Slayer Cape Perk. (I mean it does make sense, it's almost like it is a slayer task) Suggestions from @D Pressed // Skyline: Grave Yard Claim - List the amount of gold it will cost to retrieve your items back on the interface itself. You shouldn't have to play a guessing game on how much you'll pay, because you literally don't know until you try to reclaim it. Raids - Have 2 raids a day be free, with any after that requiring gp to use. Actually get a model for Acid Pernix Legs, disappointing that isn't added yet. Raphael is fully capable of doing that if you need. Suggestion from @Mayumiki: Remove Party Demon from the Final Boss lists being it's an event boss --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Party Demon should either be removed from the Final Boss title or reduced (we settled on 25) because of a very basic reason: It only spawns twice a day. Anyone with any sense of fairness or logic can see how that alone can cause an issue for the players that can't be on for its spawn times. Whatever precedent is decided for the Party Demon should be the norm for any possible Event Bosses in the future that have set time spawns. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. @1 Life Andy @Zony @Vigour Welcome to the clan! We hope y'all enjoy your stay here :3c
  10. Join our discord Clan Server now ! https://discord.gg/2NydNG
  11. ¸,«ˆ»,¸¸,«ˆ»,¸¤† Clan Achievements †¤¸,«ˆ»,¸¸,«ˆ»,¸ (Notable accomplishments such as Maxed, Completionist, etc will be set here)
  12. Clan Application Informations with an Asterix* are required. Name: Age: *In-Game name: Discord account: Alternative method of contact: *Time at Hydrix/when did you join: *Did someone recruited you, if so, please mention: Timezone: *What other clans have you been in (if any) and why did you leave: *Why do you think you should be part of Commanditos: Additional information:
  13. Clan Events To be announced ❤️
  14. We're not one for long introductions, so lets keep this short and sweet with a revised quote from Ricky Bobby himself: We're the best there is, plain and simple. I mean we wake up in the morning and piss excellence. Clan Roster Google Raphael - Skillaholic - Gibby Itsyaboi - Mayumiki - Scouse Ire Breh Proficiency Asiantown200 - Asyl - Cheesecake - Comp - Firecape Mini Midget 1 Life Andy - Equave - Hans0lo - Nolife - Nothardcore Runecraft - Sam - Tartzzz - Vigour Rhea Erix - Pencilvester - Rover - Spuddy -Tye Deathline Adom242 - Cow Raid - D Pressed - Jamieson - Level Lucky 7 - Miles - Notoriousr3d - Rogue - Sour Diesel The Affair - Ugly God - Unsubscribe - Whrilwind - Xxthe Endxx