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  1. @Itsyaboi @Pvm I was a bit too excited and skipped to #5, my bad
  2. Extremely disappointed in the lackluster attempt at making wildy relevant once again by deciding to finally add ether as a req for the weapons. If it was really necessary to have, it would have been a thing from the start, not way after the release of the weapons and after most people are done actively farming them.
  3. Error: Can not find Logic.exe Doesn't make sense you can't choose all tasks / good tasks if they're available to get as a slayer task. One could argue it'd be "op", but that defense doesn't exist when you're able to get 50+% d/r boosts.
  4. Will give it a nice go, I suppose. Entering as: KoS Metics
  5. Nice job to everyone who participated! Who knows, maybe @Itsyaboi can use the other submissions in the future as cover art if he does an "album", or something similar!
  6. Purchased two Keepsake keys, only to find out that apparently PvP Gears aren't able to be keepsaked. Literally unplayable, plz fix
  7. Ancient Bars should have been involved in any Research Table blueprints tbh
  8. If there's two sources on getting sirenic scales, then eventually people would be wanting another source to obtain tectonic and malevolent energy. So I can't really see the Sirenic Ranger idea passing. It would be nice to have more third age items, but the Pickaxe and Hatchet should be slapped into Ingenuity instead. No point in having more bosses when there are currently some that are dead.
  9. Solid fixes, they're much appreciated
  10. > max > full hybrid raids gears > completionist cape > op weapons > kill myself > Trimmed completionist cape > bankstand 24/7
  11. The one thing that angers me so much is the payment methods of fee's. Some activities require gp only from the pouch. Others require gp only from the inventory. WHY ON EARTH aren't all the activities universal? Why can't they all just require money from the pouch, or simply do both? It doesn't have to be one or the other every time.