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  1. I agree with valentine, if you are trusted you should apply for staff and if theres a bug you can also report it. Andy
  2. 1 Life Andy

    Market / G.E

    theres a lava santa for 1b buy it me Cx
  3. 1 Life Andy

    Update #79

    nice update condog
  4. Allow us to use wheel of fortune old school ironman symbol introduction of ultimate ironman - (exchange items into notes at bank)
  5. Forever my mentor. Thank you so much for the amount of support you have given me and helping this server. You will be missed! You need anything you know im here to help ❤️
  6. ill extend to end of january 😉
  7. I am looking for a signature for my forums account. What I am looking for is the day when zulrah absolutely ended my life and losing my HCIM status. 250M is the prize for the winner. Will be choosing the winner on the 1st January 2019. Thank you ❤️
  8. General Lootshare for all iron as we cannot participate in events increase runecoins to 50 for PVP armour and weapons 10 runecoins for corrupted dragon armour and weapons Prestige Zone upgrades 5% xp boost when skilling in this area add different shops for players who have prestige add ::pz teleport skilling area
  9. 1 Life Andy

    Update #76

    Sick update. Cheers Connor. #boogiebowop