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  1. +1 To this too, granted I haven't done the grind I do have a general understanding of the length of time that has to go into this, so getting a colour changed version of the same title is abit lackluster(bullshit). Change pl0x
  2. Initiate & Proselyte armour in the Armour store pl0x 🙂
  3. I believe that the t90-t92 equipment should be dyeable in general. Obviously there's some issues with Malevolent but other then that I agree. I assume It's a bug for that(I assume it happens with Ring of Death too) which will be rectified. Ancestral Is the second best in-slot gear In terms of damage so I believe It should have % magic damage slightly higher than Subjugation. Unsure on the other two, sure It would be great to have another "Immense Power" item into the game but no one has even made the amulet yet haha. Sang staff I can't comment on as I've never used it.
  4. Another thing to possibly add is the lucky items to Squeal of Fortune. Lucky chaotics etc
  5. Definitely understandable @Concon 😄
  6. Another thing to add to this, When you die everything that was noted in your looting bag becomes unnoted and vomits all over the floor. Able to just make it so the noted things stay noted when they drop?
  7. Yeah, I agree with that and what I was going for but forgot to mention it 😛 Furthermore, Just realised I put in 3rd age wand twice 😛 Ignore that haha
  8. Slayer; Salve & Salve(ei). Imbued Heart. Make regular monster tasks count towards boss tasks(Hellound task counts as a Cerberus task). Possibly implement the Slayer reward system using Slayer points. Blocking tasks & Extending tasks. Boss; Saradomins Tear(Blessed Saradomin Sword) Very rare drop from Saradomin. (A big one) Sirenic Spider - Move the Ascension crossbows from Aquatic wyrm to Sirenic spider and make sirenic scales drop 100% of the time. 1 kill 1 scale.(opinions welcome, essentially a ranged version of vorago in the wilderness). Add the Mutagens to the Zulrah drop table. PvM/PvP; Upgrade kits for MSB & Wards in Bounty hunter store Bounty hunter teleport scroll(Read it to gain the ability to teleport to your target) Rest of the god books.(Book of War +4 Strength +5 Prayer/Book of Darkness +10 Magic attack +5 Prayer) Misc; The 3rd Age Items from Osrs - 3rd Age Bow, Hatchet, Pickaxe, Wand, Longsword & Wand Ability to note Extreme/Overload potions Let me know your thoughts 🙂
  9. Vigour

    Update #82

    Time to go hard for the pet ❤️ Love the update 😄
  10. After some thought and discussion I have come up with an idea for the Boogie bow. The only comparison I have for it is Noxious bow but here's the idea; Having it being a tier 85 weapon in all PvE situations so by default worse than a Noxious bow but during event bossing situations It would become a tier 92 weapon which would make it better than a Noxious bow. Let me know your thoughts & ideas! Regards,
  11. Vigour

    Update #72 - QOL

    Fuck yes, solid update! Regards,
  12. In-game name(s): Vigour - Kaii Age: 24 Timezone: GMT(+8) Who recruited you: PVM the twat Why do you think you should be part of Commanditos: Why not 😄 What other clans have you been in (if any) and why did you leave: Pvm said he would slap my bottom if I didn't. Can we trust you to follow the ingame Rules? Of course 😉
  13. How I'm thinking is that you use the Charged one you make initally with the upgrade scroll and you combine that with the Corrupted shard to make the Corrupted Slayer helmet(Charged)