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  1. Hans0lo's Suggestions: -Add summoning Potions to either normal pots store or even skilling stores. -Add dreadnips to either pvm point store or skilling store. -Remove 30 def req. from normal prayer book / remove 70 def req. from turmoil prayer book for 1 Def players. -Add Berserker or brawler aura (melee auras) to Loyalty shop as there is only range and mage. Adom242's Suggestions: -Examine options on players - can be turned on private or public - shows players stats / xp / what they are wielding / what they are selling / what they want to buy -Daily Npc tasks - rewards can be either skilling points or even a seperate shop (daily task points) and put skilling crates like smith / construction / herblore / fletch etc. in there. -Add Silverhawk boots to skilling shop (around 30k-40k points?) -Add rejuvenation pool from osrs (heals everything including special atk) to dz or even in player owned houses (if its not already) -Add sirenic spider teleport in boss teleports -Add from ::bank (which requires $25 donation) to ::b to extreme donators ($50) or even higher to encourage donations. -Add 3 master capes to max cape (if hasn't been done already) - Iron Bamf's Suggestions: -Take gargoyles from the room with nechreyales as they agro you and it get's annoying. -Add super restores (4) noted drop to glacors as there is already brews (4) - for iron men -Add more ways for iron man to get crafting materials - add more noted gems / hides to some bosses -Add more stacks of bolts/arrow drops to bosses for iron men -Change cut 2500 yew logs to cut 2500 magic logs and burn 2500 yew logs for comp req. -Expand Dung store: new necklaces, choatic claws, demon horn necklace -t85/t90 gloves and armours with a new boss. -Primal boots as best in slot / Primal hatchet and pickaxe added (if it hasn't yet) Very sorry if some of these suggestions have already been added, i did this today and It's just something to think about and consider. I will be making another list tomorrow if anything else came to my mind that i forgot to add in.
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