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  1. Breh

    Update #140

    8/10 Would be 10/10 if the update had a real title 🤷‍♂️
  2. Breh

    Update #135

    Buying all $1 donations 😉
  3. Breh


    -1 Seemingly friendly but will turn on you for no reason and will flamebait you to get you punished.
  4. +1 Pretty knowledgeable, friendly, and active 😄
  5. Breh


    +69 - Active and fairly knowledgeable. Plus, there have been WAY less qualified supports in the recent past >.>
  6. Currently, you have to be wearing a dfs or elemental shield to be able to attack the wyverns in the wyvern cave. Can it be made so you can actually attack them without wearing one of them? Its annoying because you can't even attack them with the donator anti-fire perk and no dfs...
  7. +1 Even losing 2 perks for each inactive day would be nice.
  8. I suggest the Thunderous achievement be changed to "Get the title OR get 500 yk'lagor kc". Getting the title is way too rng based for a completionist requirement imo. The same goes for the Angry Easter Bunny title... It should be "Get the title OR 'x' amount of kills"
  9. 100% agree, the ranged Temple of Light Gloves are basically useless at the moment. (Pretty fuckin disappointing seeing as I've gotten *4* of them and neither of the other 2 >.>) A combined ToL glove like the combined heist boots would be dope, just make sure it has the dominion tower effects or just add the effects to the individual ToL gloves.