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  1. I suggest the Thunderous achievement be changed to "Get the title OR get 500 yk'lagor kc". Getting the title is way too rng based for a completionist requirement imo. The same goes for the Angry Easter Bunny title... It should be "Get the title OR 'x' amount of kills"
  2. Breh

    Update #128

    Dope! 😄
  3. 100% agree, the ranged Temple of Light Gloves are basically useless at the moment. (Pretty fuckin disappointing seeing as I've gotten *4* of them and neither of the other 2 >.>) A combined ToL glove like the combined heist boots would be dope, just make sure it has the dominion tower effects or just add the effects to the individual ToL gloves.
  4. I agree, for the amount of work it takes to make one, the stats should be much, much better...
  5. Breh

    Update #126

    Especially the respawn timers
  6. Vouch, bought $56 went quick and smoothly, very trustable guy.
  7. I also vouch for @Cheesecake . Got my donation quick and painlessly :D