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  1. esc button to close bank and interfaces helps out alot t92 duel wield sword from the magister on rs3 some buffs to crossbows in general
  2. since the last update the ::bank was removed from kk but could u make it so we could take pets in
  3. and maybe add a check charges to see how far its degreded
  4. Challenge mode raids idea A 5 bosses raids First we got vespula Secound vea nistirio Third boss muttadiles For the final boss olm Possible rewards Metamorpic dust to upgrade the olmet pet to have the abbility to change it form in diff pets from the raids a bit higher drop rate than normol raids maybe a 10% boost to get a rewards
  5. a duo ironman mode a pvp event. where players use the same gear setup to fight for some prices one a week or mounth
  6. change it to home stading pet most people afk there
  7. Make it so u can check charges on the weapons revenant bravelets to collect ether a bit faster in osrs they can be disenchanted for 250 ether maybe a (u) for the bows and than u have to charge it to use it
  8. add the overheal effect to fury sharks so u can heal up to 1190 same as rocktails fix putting super sarabrew(4) in flash so u can make super sara brews (6).
  9. buff the invenis gloves add like 2 range str and the double hit range passive from the swift gloves on them to make them best in slot. teleport block skill is not working
  10. Third-age boss Drops: third-age bow third-age wand third-age sword third-age cloack for very rare drop and third-age hatchet and pickaxe for rare drop A 3 faced boss with the three differend styles of weapons prob like 10000 - 15000 hp and changes whenever u deal 1/3 dmg on it sirenic the ranger Drops: 1 sirenic scale a kill very rare reward hellfire bow a powerfull ranger with a helfire bow and sirenic armour the boss had a spec that shoots arrows out the sky that u have to dodge be walking, also deals true dmg sometimes on a platform so u can only use range on it , will be a high end boss maybe a enraged phase just like vorago hits a bit faster and its not insta killed be a deathtouch dart
  11. and add totem piece exchange to be able to change pieces u have alot from for another so ur cant have like 20 more of one than a other
  12. fix sunfreet sometimes he hits like 100 times a min after killing skotizo get teleported back in the catacombs in the middle increase the drop rate of sirenic scales (almost killed 100 sirenic seen a 1 scale and 3 scale drop) maybe add a sirenic ranger boss for scales and the range kiln cape will the ring of imense power have the recoil effect added and when it def slightly u can't equip it anymore fix dragonbone kit it is unuseable atm
  13. i just totaly forgot that i had items on me when i started the duel