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  1. Zony

    Double exp

    I would say the best way to fix the xp discrepancy would be to remove always DXP weekends in exchange for one weekend a month. Then make dxp the same rules all week long including weekends. So that way all week long you can have the regular boosts, then on DXP weekend (first weekend per month lets say) you get base DXP boost plus whatever you want to activate whether it be DXP scroll or well or both. This way you eliminate free DXP essentially aside from 1 weekend per month, and increase money sink. And you just get 1 insane XP overhaul weekend.
  2. Zony

    Prestige pet

    I am down for this, I support anything that shows off the xp mode that someone chose
  3. The more instanced bosses there are, the more drop rates have to be decreased or a massive influx of items will happen. Just somethin to keep in mind 🙂 +1 to equip drop boost emblem though
  4. Zony

    Double exp

    At some point too many boosts makes it useless to have xp modes, personal opinion. I can see how this would attract people though, very easy maxing
  5. Donator boxes and fresh interfaces, I like em
  6. Zony

    Update #116 - QoL

    QOL is my favorite type of update, huge ups on the slayer portal update
  7. Zony


    +1 even though I feel like custom Auras should overtake the lame regular ones
  8. I wish you the very best of luck on your pking journey sir, I will be very impressed if you can get pking active
  9. Zony

    Level pop-up

    Interesting suggestion, not sure how many people would jump on board with it but I am definitely interested in seeing who does. Not value added in my opinion but I guess an extremely random QOL won't change anything I do
  10. Great way to revamp the system. Looks worthwhile and the armor is interesting. Pets are always a fan favorite and someone even suggested barrows pets, this is a good compromise from boring ass normal barrows. Nice!
  11. #plug OT: Solid work, reminds of music I would listen to in middle school tbh, 10/10 reminisce. Not super over the top, nice flow. Edit: As long as you don't make anything like soundcloud's permanent suggestion for me "Neon Mix Vol 4" by Dion Timmer, you will be a champ in my book. Absolutely hurts my eardrums.
  12. 2 Reasons I Can't Support: Cheap, effective money sink. Protects a slayer area that people can very easily hoard mobs in.
  13. Zony

    120 Slayer cape

    I think it could with the right implementation. Obviously like google and I said, adding everything would just be way too OP but if you have a certain amount you can add for a shit ton of slayer points that would be a cool change. Even if you are limited to 5 total additions for your cape
  14. Chaotic longsword (i) getting special attention these days. Moving up in the world. Love the vote store!
  15. Bug fix and QOL grind lately is top tier
  16. Zony

    120 Slayer cape

    I like this idea because I also agree with Whirlwind. I think having everything is way too op. Maybe 500-1k slayer points per addition. Or even more?
  17. Zony

    Update #110 - QoL

    Calamity been getting these nice QOL's 🙂
  18. Amazing update, not sure how I missed it. Research table change is huge, and CLS (i) +1000 no more invis weps lol Calamity and spins QOL 😄
  19. Like the interface, interesting money sink. Gambling was unexpected but +1 for that
  20. big +1 for some QOL, ill check out the new home as soon as I can!
  21. Zony


    ;;ticket should be more visible, maybe a popup interface rather than a single line of white text. too hard to see if you are actually playing immunity during first 8 seconds of tele'ing to assassin (to counter the 1 hit mechanic) make ironman able to use spins (no real point in making this non-iron exclusive??). or. make. spins. skip. slayer. tasks. or. make. 5. spins. skip. boss. tasks.
  22. Zony


    Sponsor + Support
  23. Add mage damage % to the comp / trimmed comp I feel like this should be here in the first place and was just left out +1 Add caps on boss kc's to give more hydrix points (1500, 2000, 2500, etc) +1 but I agree with Mayumiki on not increasing hydrix points. Add the uber donator boxes to the donator store -1 Make pet boxes give pet perks only, give another option to get pets. +1, and increase rarity slightly on the top perks Make instances have the ability to change spawn time (GWD atleast) (theirs already enough pieces in the eco now for that to not damage it) +1 Give staff of sliske a spec (Similar to its rs3 spec) +1 Add different lamp variants to the trivia store (When it releases) +1 for small, medium, large, huge if that's what you mean. Give the ability to swap drygore main hands into offhands (For a fee) -1, no point to this really since you can choose from the shard.