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  1. wo wo wo wo wo. tu parles français? J'pense qu'on va bien s'entendre ^^
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    bit harsh 😅 but we do need a NA support. We'll keep you in mind @cup
  3. 10th December 2019 We know this isn't a big update, we've just been focused on the whole transfer of ownership stuff. We also had to change/fix things to our liking, we had to do a couple of hotfixes and server resets. But next update there will be some content coming out 🙂 ! Minor stuff: Added party room Added scam free automatic gambling (not activated, awaiting approval from community) Made it so when you pickup pet, SOF shows again Changed master achievement "use troll potion on hydrix" to raph and cheese Removed 100kc requirements to do raids Increased the amount of pure essences in ironman shop to 1000 Fixed ;;bank ;;bank2 ;;b ;;b2 commands Added new gamble zone Added objects to gamble zone Reactions are now fixed and working on forums Cache has been updated
  4. The following ideas will prevent afk to win (1), possibly revive Heist (2) and prevent people from multi logging (3) to do heist. 1 - Make it so the more bag your team steals you get more points. If you're on the winning team, 1 bag = more points than on losing team. Example; Team A stole 7 bags. Team A WON, so they get 14 points each. each bags = 2 points since they won. Team B stole 5 bags. Team B LOST, so thet get 5 points each. Each bags = 1 points since they lost. (In a draw situation, both team gets only 1 points per bag stolen) 2 - Make it so it gives thieving xp, more bag your team stole = more xp. Maybe also make it if your team won, = more xp. Very nice alternative than spam clicking your mouse to death on a thieving stall xd. 3 - Make it so you can only have 1 account in heist per IP/MAC address.
  5. Doubt it a lot. ;;bank at zmi is pretty fast
  6. yes but does anyone even use runespan tho? its way faster to use zmi
  7. Great little piece of content 🙂 Looks like fun
  8. you dont have to if you kill em in order
  9. you dont have to wait. if you know how to organize your run although +1 on the instance, it is annoying when we are a few that wants to do it
  10. +1, at least make the title less rare.
  11. Now thats something we love to see
  12. ok thats annoying. the master achievement "Rap god" gives a fking raptor gift. seriously? well thats super frustrating. people grinded the shit out for that item and now its super easy to get. TOOK ME 1408 KC TO GET IT. thats super frustrating.
  13. The master "I dyed" achievement. yeah no thanks. goes back to what we said earlier, "Making stuff should be a no no, cause most of us already made it all and we aint remaking one. This wouldve only been ok if achievements were like that since day 1"
  14. to add on this, why our current vote counts arent already recorded? you can check em on the leaderboard, i have 1200 xd
  15. true actually, at least reduce it. 2b is a lot, only a few passed that mark, aka me, mayu and thomas. maybe 1 or 2 others
  16. Yeah that 100%, prestige should only be for trimmed.
  17. 100% agree with everything except calamity, its really not that hard to reach wave 58. The 2xp well idm either way. And finding 25 treasure chests. Other players preventing you from doing the achievements? Uh no thanks Making stuff should be a no no, cause most of us already made it all and we aint remaking one. Im sorry but theres no way im remaking a drop rate boost emblem (i), i couldnt even sell it xd. This wouldve only been ok if achievements were like that since day 1. (Or if it wouldve been saved somewhere somehow) OTHERWISE, seems like a great update ^^ havent had the opportunity to check it all yet but im sure its nice !
  18. Or the scrolls we can't get anymore 👀
  19. pet perks? 🤔 as a rare chance, and the better ones, like the 4% droprate perk being very rare to get. would give a chance to those who dont have shit ton of $$$ to get em.
  20. A combination of all scrolls that exists (berserker, spellbinding, etc) ? i mean why not 🤷‍♂️ i think we like having those kind of things 👀 it doesnt have to be better than the original scrolls, just a combination of all of em. (or just like +1 than the originals) always nice cause less switching and less bank searching idk (make t92 gloves before tho, kthx we want that shit)
  21. r/woooosh ffs read what i said. "im just saving it there for future wise use 🤷‍♂️ doesnt have to be implemented now." and what i meant is good content could lead to obtaining parts for the almighty scroll or a new pair of gloves. aka new bosses or w/e. EDIT: and everyones saying "make good content" or "rework tob when" but no one is actually suggesting anything. they just ask connor to do stuff.
  22. i mean good content can lead to this idea? its an idea too. im just saving it there for future wise use 🤷‍♂️ doesnt have to be implemented now.
  23. probably. would only prevent half the problem i guess. if you guys got any ideas to prevent the afk to win tho, plz share
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    i actually never bought runecoins 😛 i always made my own