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  1. I know i didn't last that long compared to last time, oh well. last time was more like a long break but anyway. But now I'm actually quitting. I wasn't planning to quit that fast after I came back, had some great goals i wanted to accomplish. Its a shame, the server is very fun to play, lots of stuff to do, i had a lot of motivation to keep going. But some stuff happened, that I can't throw away. But i wanna quit on good terms too, so I'm off 🙂 Had a great time, met some nice people again I'm gonna try to put the whole rsps scene away of my life. I'm tired of it. (at least for now) This is an opportunity for me though, I felt like my time was too much consumed that I forgot I had other hobbies. Sleep, work, hydrix, repeat. I haven't touched my guitar in a while, i miss it. I think I'll try to go back in 2d games development too, it's really fun. I'll take this opportunity to get back more to the real world ^^ I have a job, sure (dont ask for subs, fuk you). But I need a career now, something related to computers, might go back to school eventually. Computer science or something... Anyhow... That's it for me, I still have great relationships with the friends I made here, that is something for sure I won't throw away ❤️ Otherwise, Sandwich Boi is out, not only from the staff team this time, but out for good. I wish the best of luck to all of you, whatever it is you do ! -Raphael
  2. I like this idea too, if the new t92 apex melee armor would have the defence stats of malevolent, or bit higher same with the power bonus being bit higher. thats something i can get behind. ^^ Only downside is more work, cause we need to find either new cool models, or upgrading the apex armor to make it look cool (cause lets be honest, you like it when your gear looks nice, and Apex is just horribly bad looking)
  3. oh and the skilling contract is a BIG YES.
  4. impressive thread ! Connor will be the one to judge numbers but here goes. 1. Master Fledger: meh 2. Huntsman: YES 3. Soul Siphoner: FUK YES 4. Master Warlock: meh 5. Lumber Legend: why not 6. Bar mining: why not 7. Herbivore: meh 8. An idea for the supercharged perk is to half down the recharging times. YES PLEASE 9. High tier alching: meh 10. Stunner: X % amount of Chance To Stun Your Enemy for 5 seconds. ehhhh? could be either op or useless 11. Life Stealer: 10% chance to steal 50% of the damage you did. yeah nah 12. Reflector: 10% chance to reflect the damage that was done upon you. yeah thats op 13. Slayer transporter: Teleporting to your slayer task is free instead of 200k. i think its already a perk of being sponsor
  5. (credit to google too for this idea btw)
  6. So as it is currently, the Apex armor (t92) is best in slot for all 3 styles dps wise. I don't think it's smart 1st of all to have a 3 styles armor to just be best in slot for all. And the way it is atm, some people are making apex armor easier than the t90s are to make (sirenic for example, even malev). I believe each style should have its best in slot. Here's what I suggest; -Make it so the Apex armor stays an all 3 styles armor, but has less power than the t90s (malev, tecto and sirenic). (and maybe apex could become a t90 armor?) -With the Apex armor and the t90s armor, you could combine them to make the t92 armor of each style. For example, if you use apex armor with malevolent, it would create Malevolent (i), which would be a melee t92 armor. this armor would also degrade like malevolent. but with now the addition of the t90 dyes, if your malev set was already dyed, it would keep the dyes on it when creating malevolent (i) and/or just use the dyes on malevolent (i). Same for sirenic and tectonic. (maybe we can had a particle or something bit extra on the imbued versions to recognize them, just saying 👀) This way, this prevents people from jumping a big step, aka going from nex armor directly to a best in slot t92 all styles armor. This forces people to grind for t90s armor. This also makes it harder to obtain best in slots. The Apex armor, sure you need to prestige, but the boss itself with the brothers arent even hard, just a grind. Anyhow, hope people agrees 🙂
  7. Thats fking incredible. Big gratz on 25k !
  8. Raphael

    Dryax balance

    +1, we had it tweaked on drygon, why not here ^^
  9. Raphael

    Update #119

    Defo one of the most awaited update ^^ Good work con con
  10. Raphael


    and then theres me, being colorblind i dont see the difference between red and green 🙄