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  1. ITEM LENDING - Make item lending work, so when people actually wanna lend items they can without the risk of losing it and avoid scamming. Like if the person dies in wildy with the item, it just gets returned into the original owner etc. Also make it lendable for days etc.
  2. Oh another suggestion ! BANK CONTAINERS - For anyone who dont know what these are, these are technically 'extra banks' Is everyone sick of having a full bank? Well add in bank containers, normally servers have upto 5-10 available. This also opens up things for people naming their banks, for example pvm bank, pvp bank etc etc. You could even make them donatable so you have to donate for each container (extra bank).
  3. Me and Ironwill have already gotten all the scythes xD
  4. I personally dont like the idea of giving a chance of specific items, maybe like random boxes like tir one, mystery box, tier 2 pet box etc.
  5. Actually sorry for double posting (cuz i cant edit shit, u needa fix that -.-) But I think the real question is, the crown is rainbow, does that mean the yelltag is gonna be rainbow? What color are we gonna be on forums and discord? :O
  6. Im trying to grind to actually have sex with a girl instead of my hand :)
  7. fk yeah, will have this real soon <3
  8. Or third approach, just stay AFK at home :) I chose this option xD
  9. @Itsyaboi Sorry for double posting as i cant bloody edit anything :L This is what i meant, like enable and disable them all. just like how you walk into the wildy and all cosmetics disable, I was hoping to do this on command so I don't have to go through all the BS of clicking every item seperately. Then when I enable them again all the cosmetics I had on will just come back on. PS - Whats your thoughts on suggestion 6 and 7?
  10. I thought about that, thats why I mentioned instead have a random lottery, so litterally anyone who even hit the boss once has a chance of getting the drop. Cause people with the OP gears etc already will always get the drops if its damage based
  11. Yee boi, Meet ingame n I shall fix u up
  12. Yeah I was meaning that :) Just like RS you can have upto 3 perks of your choice activated at one time.
  13. Should make a requirement for the Comp cape (t) to have 120 in all skills and all all these bonuses to it :)
  14. Sup Guiz. I suggest a stamina perk 🙂 for unlimited run energy. Cheers, Cheesecake !
  15. Speaking of donor boots etc, Will these be available to donate for one day? Cheers, Cheesecake!
  16. OMG 😮 can you make me a piece of cheesecake? 😉