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  1. omg u actually quit this time 😮
  2. G'day peeps, Its your cheesecake from Down Under (AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE !!). Welcome to the donation store of love Currently selling and prob always be selling donations for 30m per $1. Yeeeahhh you could probably get it cheaper from someone else but good luck possibly being scammed :) Most of ya'll prob know me in game as the AFK newb at home with the sexy bear off-hand. Wont be handing out discounts unless your my friend and I like you, but TBH I dont like anyone so ya'll can eat my scrumptious biscuity ass. Gotta lay down some ground rules for you clowns - 1. Don't beg for discounts pls, its just not cool. 2. I have the right to change my price at any time depending on the market pricing of gp/donations. 3. Yes I am happy to take items to equal or greater value of donation provided. 4. YOU trade first, I like to think I'm pretty trusted so no way in helllzzzz I'm donating for your ass without you trading first, ALSO none of the ill pay you half, you donate then I pay you the rest BS. Either you pay all upfront or pls dont message me. Please make sure you read this post as i'm just going to facepalm and probably ignore you... and laugh a little bit PS> would be pretty cool for the people who i've donated for to vouch for me on here, just sayeeeen. Thanks ya'll, Cheesecake
  3. ^ Well said and definitely support that idea.
  4. I do get where you are coming from, but lets be real. Both yourself and Mayumiki are probably the biggest pvmers on the server atm and look what you both have brought into the eco, even with the harsh GP rates. I can kind of see where Connor is coming from with these harsh GP sinks as eventually if you run out of GP you would need to start selling things which then helps the ECO out aswell. You also dont want a server where every max character is running around in torva etc (which it pretty much already is lol). In saying this though, your argument is that to keep using these amulets and rings is getting too expensive and there is not enough GP in the game, this makes me worried for new players then if GP is hard to obtain. Instead of making things cheaper and easier for the end game players, make things easier for everyone, create more ways to earn GP. (farming keys at ;;train was a great thing until it was removed). Also a dye for the amulets and rings would also be pretty cool, then they wont degrade at all.
  5. I can agree somewhat. There is a lot of GP in game however it doesn't move. In a way, I like that it is expensive to keep using High tier armour/weapons etc as this makes you NOT use them 24/7, you might actually change up your gear etc as just going to Bork wouldn't be worth a 100m repair. Just like anything, you buy a fancy v8 car, you're going to spend double the amounts in petrol than a run abour 4 cyl car. But this does give me an idea.. Add 'repair patches' to the recycle center. These patches should be able to work on everything that is degradable (it is your choice to waste them on Barrows lol).
  6. Bloody hell, now i may be able to finally get a boss pet
  7. G'day everyone ! I had tried to host an event in-game. It had been planned for about a week and when it came down to the crunch, unfortunately nobody really wanted to participate. So this made me think, how can we get more people involved? Please let me know what event you'd rather ! Wether it'd be Hide and Seek, Boss mass, drop parties, goodie bags etc and also what time (including time zone) is best for you so we can sort out a happy medium. Cheers ! Your friendly neighbourhood, cheesecake.
  8. spewin :( ive been so damn busy, I was gonna enter in this haha... EXTEND IT :D
  9. Well slap my ass and call me sally, that rune pouch and blowpipe sounds bliss ^.^
  10. ooo might have to kill the donor boss now
  11. Cheesecake

    XMAS 2018 guide

    this is spoon feeding to the max, giving the lap location n everything. Thanks for contributing, just my personal opinion though that I think that it takes the whole fun outta it. P.S nice writeup tho.
  12. oh rofl, i was just being a smart arse 😛 cuz im apparently always afk 😉
  13. YYEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS, support this so much lol... HOWEVER ! you can teleport there quickly by getting a donator cape, right clicking and go to donor zone. The donor cape even can give you 3 spins a day but honestly, does anyone ever right click and claim those?
  14. Nice job dude, had a listen and definately impressed.
  15. This line really confuses me lol. ::benifits would open the forum page that shows what perks etc each donor stage gets correct? Wouldnt ::donate open up the store page?
  16. why remove the crystal key parts 😢
  17. Does this fix the wealth checker too? :O ima go PC some shieetttt xD
  18. BANK PLACEHOLDERS Bank placeholders. omfg we need these so badly otherwise im gonna rip my eyeballs out everytime I take something outta my bank. WORLD BOSS/EVENTS World boss ! once or twice a day, at set times a world boss spawns in one big room with a huge amount of HP. There is a waiting room and once it reaches over 5 people it teleports you to the boss (minimum of 5 people can enter at a time but unlimited people can be there) but once the boss is spawned anyone can join at any time until the boss is dead. The 3 people that dealt the most damage get rewarded (hydrix points? maybe a new world event store which sells items that deals more damage in world events?) and the person who dealt the most damage gets the drop, or it could be a random lottery to who gets the drop so absolutely ANYONE can do the world event and have a chance of a drop not just the people with OP gear, *cough* @i am alive *cough* (big chance of a rare maybe?). There's many things you can do with this. You could add "the world boss has been slain, double drops/double xp/5% drop rate will now commence for 30min. For skillers world events - Make a specific task like get 10m xp in farming as a community to trigger double xp for 30min or burn a total of 1000 magic logs to trigger double xp etc.. You can also do this to get votes up - Reach a total of 10 votes today to trigger double drops for 30min "cheesecake has just voted! 4 votes left until double drops. Type ;;vote to vote now!" COSMETICS OFF BUTTON If you're a noob like me or just want to look sexy asf, you use cosmetics. Can we all agree that sometimes you want to see your gear? like when you're in PVM etc.. ADD A FREAKING 'disable cosmetics' button, its such a bloody pain in the ass to click every slot and click 'remove cosmetic'. ITS NOT THAT HARD CONNOR OMMFFGGGG DISCORD INTERGRATION Okay so i've actually done this myself and OMFG it helps soooo much for the community and also the staff. adding discord intergration is one of the best things you can do. adding commands for staff such a !kick (playername) !jail (playername) !sendhome (playername) and the list goes on. This way you dont need to actually log in, if you're busy rooting your missing you can control the server by simply typing in discord on your mobile phone. This will also be great for the players. add a !events command etc which will show what autum event etc is showing. You can also add commands like !donate !forums !highscores. You can make a bot channel which announces when people get rare drops, when the DXP well has been activated and lotto about to be announced. The possibilities are endless. DEVELOPER WORLD DAYS Dev days, put your developer world online for a whole day a few times a year but make announcements of when you will be doing it to give people time. EVERYONE will have administrator rights excluding punishments. They will have access to master, setlevel, spawning, special attack etc. This is great for a number of reasons as people can test for bugs, test out gears the've been grinding for, and lets be honest, it would be a nice play day just to have. Of course nothing would carry over to the live server, but I do recommend to keep the accounts for when you do the next dev day, otherwise just wipe them all and every dev day we just start fresh again. Their my suggestions Yes my grammar and spelling probably gives you aids or cancer or both of above, if it does, I hope it kills you and you die a most painful and horrible death 🙂 Sincierly, Your Auzzie Cheesecake
  19. DONATION BOXES - Add random amounts of donator tokens to the donation boxes and a chance to get another box of the same box your opening (for a re-roll).
  20. Oiii dem credits to Raph, wheres mine :'(