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  1. Cheesecake

    Update #119

    yewwww clan zoneee
  2. Cheesecake

    Update #116

    This made me lol xD OT: great job m8, spewin about the extra 20m in the well but such is life :D
  3. What about if all 3 items are junk, can u offer a respin for 75% of the normal price?
  4. Good job man :) sounds great!
  5. xD grave digging for sure :P
  6. Cheesecake

    Update #113

    Great work :) incoming mayumiki for 1k raptor kills xD
  7. Cheesecake


  8. omg u actually quit this time 😮
  9. I for one hate the new home.. No offence to Connor and how much time he may have spent on it but... In my honest opinion its [email protected]!T. I suggest we bring the old home back ! Connor you can make custom maps ye? just extend the old home, theres plennttyyy of room to expand, its surrounded by water! If your excuse is that its too small for population Either A) create a bobs island, all afk people go there to clear up home. or B) extend old home, where the pvm chests were, extend it out from there, can make it as big as you like. Make a 'town square' lol xD Tbh the old home was waaayyy more easier to navigate and everything was so damn easy to find> If you're a new player you get lost in the new one. Hell I'm still damn lost in the new home! PS - If you decide to to extend the old home and create a 'town sqaure' put in a funpk box :) Thanks and chaio 😄 Cheesecake.
  10. ^ Well said and definitely support that idea.
  11. I do get where you are coming from, but lets be real. Both yourself and Mayumiki are probably the biggest pvmers on the server atm and look what you both have brought into the eco, even with the harsh GP rates. I can kind of see where Connor is coming from with these harsh GP sinks as eventually if you run out of GP you would need to start selling things which then helps the ECO out aswell. You also dont want a server where every max character is running around in torva etc (which it pretty much already is lol). In saying this though, your argument is that to keep using these amulets and rings is getting too expensive and there is not enough GP in the game, this makes me worried for new players then if GP is hard to obtain. Instead of making things cheaper and easier for the end game players, make things easier for everyone, create more ways to earn GP. (farming keys at ;;train was a great thing until it was removed). Also a dye for the amulets and rings would also be pretty cool, then they wont degrade at all.
  12. I can agree somewhat. There is a lot of GP in game however it doesn't move. In a way, I like that it is expensive to keep using High tier armour/weapons etc as this makes you NOT use them 24/7, you might actually change up your gear etc as just going to Bork wouldn't be worth a 100m repair. Just like anything, you buy a fancy v8 car, you're going to spend double the amounts in petrol than a run abour 4 cyl car. But this does give me an idea.. Add 'repair patches' to the recycle center. These patches should be able to work on everything that is degradable (it is your choice to waste them on Barrows lol).
  13. Cheesecake

    Update #89

    Bloody hell, now i may be able to finally get a boss pet