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  1. Cheesecake

    Update #140

    18th September 2020 Seasonal characters - This is a VERY unique update and a definite RSPS first! A WHOLE NEW GAME MODE As this covers a huge new aspect of the game and will be continually changing, please see the guide here. Fun PK box - Ever sit at home area bored or just want something to do? We now have a fun PK box located behind the prayer altars! We also have signs at each entrance to see who defeated who! This is completely safe and also a multi area, so have some fun and PK your friends! Pet system and pet perk rework - The entire interface has had a rework, and is now MUCCCHHH easier to use pet perks etc. When you 'learn' a perk from your inventory, it will be added to this interface, which you can activate it onto your pet. You can still use the perk on the pet to activate it also. If you choose to unlearn a perk, right click the perk and 'unlearn' it, the perk will be returned back to your inventory. You can only use one of the same perk at a time, HOWEVER, you can store as many as you like, so its kind of like a perk bank to store all your perks. As a normal player, you still have access to 3 pet perks, however VIP donors get 4 pet perk slots, and sponsor donators get 5 pet perk slots! Item repair revamp - For a long time, I personally hated the way to fix broken items in-game, now it is MUCH easier! All you have to do use is your degraded/broken item on the fix-it-fairy at home and she will fix it for you! no more pesky dialogues. Drop rate well - If everyone works together and donates a total of 3k runecoins (may change amount) to the well at home, there will now be a 30 minute 5% drop rate buff! Updated loot world messages - Achievement messages will now include Kill count and NPC killed. Infernal Harpoon - Infernal Harpoon added, this harpoon has a chance to incinerate a fish you catch and also give you cooking XP while doing so. Can I get a hoooyaaa for the fishing pet btw? Others: Improvements to donator page Summer event changes Vorkarth respawns inside the instance now Hope devourer spawn time is now decreased Hope devourer will not spawn lava pits as much Ironmen items no longer delete in wildy Amulet of Immense Power fixed Final Boss title fixed Zombie Outbreak is now multi area Gold cannon can now hold upto 60 cannon balls Royale cannon can now hold upto 140 cannon balls Infernal Harpoon added Fishing perk - second fish now goes to your bank Quick Commands like ;;vork etc are back You can now autocast ancients Smithing XP now fixed Better skilling pet drop system now added Untradable gear when you die will go straight to your bank Last but not least, BONFIRE BOOST IS BACCCKKKKK
  2. Cheesecake

    Update #139

    27th July 2020 New examine interface - Been wondering about someones stats, info or what their wearing? You can now examine players ingame! Simply right click them and click examine. New daily rewards system - New daily login rewards, the rewards reset every 7 days to a better reward each time! If you miss a day, they reset completely. New/veteran account offers - We now have new account and veteran account offers, these will pop up from time to time offering limited deals! Sometimes multiple deals will be going, so there are multiple pages. New teleport system - For a long time the teleport system has been absolutely terrible and you had to pretty much guess where any teleports were. We have made it much easier and have all teleports in one! You can view the info of the area, see monsters HP and difficulty and even start instances! New timers system - The timers system has been quite buggy as you'd all know. We have now revamped the entire system and added more! Freeze time, tele block time, auras, familiars, special attack etc all now show up! This interface is draggable so you can move it to wherever you like on your scree. It is also minamizeable if you do not wish to see the timers. Others: Bank preset bug fixed Boss spotlight no longer rolls twice Equipment stats interface fixed (you can now unequip items) Added Prestige boss teleport NPC to prestige zone Added ;;h command to teleport home Buffed Staff of Sliske Buffed Amulet of Immense Power
  3. Cheesecake

    Update #138

    21st June 2020 New bank preset system - For a while now, our preset system has been sort of... 'bland' so we have a new one which you can see what your presets actually contain, with two quick load buttons. Trade all button - You've asked and we listened, a trade all button! Client work (PLEASE DOWNLOAD NEW CLIENT) - - Press 'esc' key to now close interfaces - Discord rich presence This now displays in your discord that you're playing Hydrix, please support us and turn on what game your playing! This displays what you're doing too, EG, skilling, AFKing, at home, etc.. Others: You cannot use Barrows teleports in wilderness anymore ;;Switchspells donor only ;;switchturmoil is now added Dungeoneering shop/teleport npc at ;;shops Summer event now live Dyed siesmic wands stats fixed
  4. Cheesecake

    Update #137

    25th May 2020 Firstly I'd like to give a shoutout to our Donator of the month - Turner! I apolgise for the lack of updates, this update isn't much however I hope it fixes a few in-game things for you. I want to thank you all for being patient and hope to have updates coming waaaay more regularly! PLEASE NOTE: this list is only small, I am working on many things. QOL: Fixed examine bug (new inter coming soon) Pet pickup notifaction re-added All pets can now have perks Fixed pets interface Fixed voting Fixed donating Livid Clanzone now complete Coal storage added to DZ3 Ultimate Ironman can no longer bank items using looting bag Updated ;;benefits link Updated ;;rules link Pet noter perk no longer works on every NPC You can now use pet noter after 5 seconds of combat instead of 10 Pets are no longer tradable New skilling pets easier to obtain Custom purchased pets completed Custom purchased titles completed 'add-logs' option on fires now works I realise there has been a lot of suggestions and bug fixes, which I definately will be getting to. There is a lot more I am working on so if you do not see your suggestion/bug fix in this list, please know that I am on it and it should be in the next update.
  5. Cheesecake

    Update #136

    4th April 2020 Firstly I'd like to give a shoutout to our first Donator of the month - Sebb! Skilling pets - More skilling pets have been added into Hydrix! A lot more to add, but here is what we have so far - Slayer Farming Strength Runecrafting Range Defence Magic Note on NPC perk - A new passive pet perk has arrived to Hydrix which is available from the store for $25. This perk would be a Ultimate Ironmans best friend! Use items onto your pet to note/unnote them PLEASE NOTE: - This perk does not take up and perk spaces, this is a separate passive perk - You cannot note/unnote items in the wilderness. - You cannot note/unnote items while in combat. https://i.gyazo.com/6781b8667455a7cb229192ecfb277277.mp4 Miss click pets no more! A huge request lately has been to make the 'pick up' option on your pet a right click and second option button. To do this would take a hugeeee amount of time as I would have to customise each and every pet individually, so I have done the next best thing. A dialogue box so you no longer miss-click your pet and pick it straight up! Others: Calamity is back Fixed trio raid achievement Exiting trio raid no longer kills you You can no longer store cannons into looting bag Amigos now give rewards for 100-250-500-750-1000 KC Mithril seeds are back in general store, can only use at ;;gamble
  6. Cheesecake

    Update #135

    rofl, how'd I know you'd be the one to say this xD
  7. Cheesecake

    Update #135

    12th March 2020 This is for the donators - Donator of the month! Thats right! We are going to have a donator of the month. Starting this month! This title goes to whoever donates the most within the month. You get a discord title, forums title and a 25% damage boost in-game for an entire month! 2k rank! The 2k rank has now been added: Current perks are - 2x Deathtouched darts per day Double EXP in the Sponsor zone Double Damage aura for 30minues a day. Free slayer tasks (more to come) Double Damage for 30 minutes when $150 is donated. For a while, its been 10% drop rate bonus when you donate $25, now the server will enjoy 30 minutes of Double Damage when the donation total reaches a collaboration of $150! Royal lance & rapier! Every time you donate, you have a 1/100 chance of receiving a Royal lance or rapier. These have absolutely no stats, just cosmetic. Being 1/100 chance it makes the items very rare and somewhat worth something in-game. New Titles interface - The old interface was quite hard to navigate and quite confusion, so I have added a new revamped one, hope you like it! Others: Vote boss now has a pet GWD upgrade kit added back to store Vote boss no longer agro Vote boss no longer hits through prayer
  8. Thank you for your application, We will definitely keep you in mind!
  9. Cheesecake

    Update #134

    2nd March 2020 Firtstly, I would like to apologise for the lack of updates, this will change and we are also looking into getting a full time developer so you guys do not need to suffer. Home teleport change - It has been requested quite a lot, so now when you click the home teleport button, you can choose to teleport home or load the lodestone network. Added a new pet to home - As you know, unfortunately Raphael had scammed us, however I am pleased to announce we have a new pet at home! Raphael the dog. Feel free to spit on him 🙂 share the love! Dungeoneering store - The Dungeoneering store has had a few changes, we have added Large XP lamps which can be purchased for 200k tokens and also Gorgonite armour which is 2.5 million tokens per piece, also if you have a full set of Goronite, you hit 25% more on the Dungeoneering bosses! Here are the Gorgonite stats - Vote boss - The vote boss is finally here! It's a nice and easy boss for all players, however he does have quite a hit on him! Pray the correct prayers and you're safe, otherwise you will feel he's wrath! He hits with mage, melee and range. The vote boss drops much needed supplies for skilling, more tokens to kill him, Deathedtouched darts and even 10% Drop rate tokens. Please note, to be able to kill the vote boss, you need to vote. You will get a Vote Boss teleport, which will dissapear once you kill him. (you can kill the vote boss twice per day if you vote twice per day). Website revamp - If you haven't noticed already, the website has had a revamp! The store, highscores and vote page now match our normal theme and a new logo is on its way! Others: Removed all raphs quick boss commands You cannot open pets interface anywhere anymore Fixed instancing problems Removed login update interface Removed 'box in' interface Removed Raphs name everywhere ingame Xeric caskets no longer tradable ToB caskets no longer tradable Loot boxes no longer tradable
  10. done, thank you for your support 🙂
  11. 15th January 2020 The old is the new new - You guys have asked and we have listened, the old home is back! You can still visit old home by using the command ;;oldhome for all those good ol' memories. shooting stars - Shooting stars are now crashing in Hydrix! Along all the main city mining spots to be precise. Be the first to find a shooting star to receive some extra XP. Shooting stars offer 20 skilling points and a bunch of skilling items, the more stardust you collect, the better the reward! Donation changes - We have changed the way donations work. So the new system is automatic, if you donate, your rank will automatically apply if you reach the threshold, for example, if you donate $500 you will automatically become a VIP instead of having to go to the status upgrade (we also have added a message saying how much till your next rank). We have also made it so now when you donate a total of $20, you automatically get the donator rank. The rank is still available to buy for $10 for anyone wanting to get just the rank itself. We have also added half time aura cool downs on the supercharged perk so the price has changed from $8 to $10. Pet system - There has been a pet overhaul, with a nice new interface, which you even get to view your little buddy 🙂 When picking up pets, it no longer goes to your inventory, it stores into the interface, same with spawning your pet, all done from the new interface. NPC drop viewer - We have a new interface for when you examine NPCs which is a lot cleaner. Currently still working on the search NPC buttons so you can search any boss/monster you want to see their drops. Others: Inferno adze now burns logs You can now decant flasks Zooming now works on fixed mode (shift + scroll) Added shift + pg up/down zooming Ultimate ironmans can now note things on bank chests, counters and deposit boxes Connors cap achievement changed to donate 1B coins to well of fortune Bunch of new trivia questions (trivia store revamp soon) Fixed being able to claim titles twice Winter event items updated
  12. 24th December 2019 'Tis the season to be jolly ! Hydrix home has been updated to share the Christmas spirit. Speak to Santa at home and help find all of he's presents, to receive 2 Christmas boxes of your own ! Possible rewards are xmas outfits, xmas staff, xmas scythe and even the new added pet, Sparkles! - On top of this, we are offering a 30% discount on the entire store for Christmas, and only $1 donator rank so if you were thinking about getting the donator rank, now is the time! Ads and referrals We now have new ads rolling ! All new players now have the ability to use the command ;;claimbox or ;;freebox for a free donator box. To celebrate this, we are offering this command to our already existing players! Please remember - you can only redeem one per account, per machine. Others: Winter event is now active Fixed noting items on bank Changed ironman crowns Fixed sponsor crown Added ;;removetitle command Ironmen can now access summoning shop 2 You no longer die when defeating dungeoneering bosses
  13. 17th December 2019 Ultimate Ironman mode: We have added two new gamemodes - Ultimate Ironman and Hardcore Ultimate Ironman. The only difference is if you die, you become a normal Ironman. As an Ultimate Ironman you can use items onto a bank to note your items, and vise vera, use your noted items on a bank to unnote them. There are a few rewards ingame that automatically go to your bank, so we have made it so Ultimate Ironmans can only withdraw from a bank, not deposit. Talk to the Ultimate Ironman located at home to start your new adventure! Exchange table: We have now added the exchange table which can be found at the recycle center. At the moment it's look quite bare however we will be adding a lot more with player suggestions. The exchange table can be found at the Recycle Center. New partyhats, santahats & sale: We have added new limited edition partyhats and santa hats ingame ! there are 4 of each available, which can be won at a random chance in a partyhat/santa hat box. These boxes will be available in the store for $50 per box. ONLY 20 BOXES WILL BE SOLD then they will be gone forever. There's also a galaxia partyhat and santa hat that will be available on the store for $250. (not in the boxes) Only a few of them will ever be sold, be quick! phats.mp4 Others: Fixed votes achievements Highscores fixed Change vorago hitcaps to 1500 Changed hope devourer hitcaps to 1200 Removed pet restrictions to the following bosses; Corporeal beast, Kalphite king, Alchemical Hydra, Rise of the six and Night-gazer Added probationary ranks Increase the sheaf shark daily useage from 10 to 100 Fixed rewards chest at home Added and a teleport command for each boss and raids Commands list updated You only loose one daily perk if you do not login within 24 hours
  14. Great suggestion, however, the only way i see this working is, if we keep your donation total and donated perks, however EVERYTHING else is reset, like for example, if you purchased donator tokens and purchased donator gloves. These would be deleted if you died.