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  1. 1gp

    Starter Guide by Genie

    Looking good Genie keep up the good work 👍
  2. Vouch! Top service and very quick. Thank you so much for the $21 donation much appreciated. 1gp
  3. 1gp

    Vorago event

    Don't worry Mayum, I'll get you a drop 😄
  4. 1gp

    Vote Boss

    Sounds like a good idea be interesting to see this in-game. +1
  5. Scythe from TOB, how? With skills..... 😄
  7. After figuring out what to actually do I should really of taken this post down. Worked out a new strategy to help slim my chances of dying by using zoom and concentrating thanks 😄 1gp
  8. 1gp

    Official Starter Guide!

    Great starter guide for those new comers to follow. Exactly what I did without the use of ::train. 😄
  9. After doing some thorough testings of my own throughout the release of theatre of blood after the latest tweaks implemented I've come to a conclusion that I really do enjoy this raid. However, only one thing is stopping me from really feeling the motivation I usually have and I'd rather mention this in early stages before someone else does and that's the timing for Justiciars special attack which I do think is both a positive and a negative from my own experience. With that being said, I was told it's current timer of the special move is 1.8 seconds you have to dodge this move or else you're dead. I think personally this timer needs a slight adjustment to either dot on 2 seconds as hopefully the +0.2 secs will help us or possibly 2.5 seconds as an alternative. (Don't want backfire for this suggestion as it is just criticism and may reduce the complaints about this timer for future reference) thank you 1gp
  10. You're gonna love it mate 🙂
  11. I'll have to check again might of missed that update
  12. Lovely update. Just a quick question, what about about the issue with extreme magic pots not boosting properly @99 magic? Thanks, 1gp
  13. 1gp


    Thanks but eh you knonw still nice to have it put somewhere as i keep forgetting lul.
  14. As most are aware majority of the bosses in the wilderness are mostly weak to melee, I was thinking of adding in a balance to this by making some of them more weak to range / mage which could potentially make the Thammaron's Sceptre and the crossbow version more useful then being either sitting in the g.e or in a bank. thanks, 1gp