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  1. Valentine

    kick ability.

    Eh if hte players are trusted then they should just be staff, think handing permissions out willy nilly a little silly. For example, I dont play much but I dont play much but I still have support rank, I'm always happy to have players contact me on discord! 🙂 But beware its exam period atm so I barely reply to anyone. Lots of love - Valentine
  2. About time he quit, such a troll this one.
  3. Id be okay with just attaching the serp helm to teh slayer helm tbh thats a lot of work to do haha
  4. He means in teh tooltip that appears in chat (I think)
  5. Hey I'm an ex-mathematics student, gotta make sure people get their facts straight 😛 #GetYoNumbersRight
  6. Infinity is a concept not a number so technically you automatically lose 😛
  7. Post closed as requested. - Valentine
  8. Welcome buddy! Hope you enjoy the community as much as we do 🙂 -Valentine
  9. Armour set bonuses could be good, it might actually make nex gloves and boots a viable piece instead of the usual "Urgh I got Torva boots? Wheres the nearest bin" - Valentine
  10. If I remember correctly, the RS comp cape allows you to add capes to it to receive the bonuses? I think you can only add 3 capes, I like that idea so you can pick the three you want! - Valentine
  11. Valentine

    Rank Request.

    Request for what? You need to add a screenshot showing your donated total bud. - Valentine
  12. Just make it so it doesnt work with the kuradel scrolls, simples 🙂
  13. I have no problem with bonds personally. You can either donate your money to get the rewards faster, or you donate a lot of time. For example, if you played for 50 days, I see no harm in at least having a small donator rank? I mean you put in a lot of time, you were active in the game in teh community, why not reward that? (figures not suggested just for example)
  14. Note, a lot of the "osrs" content is planned for release at some point 🙂 From my understanding, integrating OSRS bosses / mechanics / area's etc... involves a fair amount of work. (I'll let Hydrix comment more precisely this is my current understanding), its in the pipeline to be released at some point.