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  1. Just a new event spotlight, increased boss pet chance. That's all 😆
  2. Nice! Its always good to see your own suggestion being implemented, thanks Connor!
  3. As many of you are aware, osrs and rs3 have these global rare drop table's (RDT). Well, how coool would it be if we had our own rdt? Maybe give every npc a chance to hit this table, perhaps in the form of an RDT chest? This chest would contain junk and mediocre loot, but could also contain some high tier items? Anyways thats my view on it, the idea is out there. Maybe you guys could make suggestions on how it could be done? I look forward to see if this suggestion will make it ingame, and also what you guys can come up with! Kind regards, Amnees
  4. I agree with the first suggestion, but for the second suggestion only 2 people should get KC, tank and main dps.
  5. Going through spins can be a huge hassle if you have a quite a bit of them. Therefor, maybe a ::spin x command or something? (x being the amount of spins you wish to do)
  6. Hello, this is a guide on the Catacombs of Kourend. In these catacombs you can gain totem pieces which are used to fight skotizo. Once you obtain a full totem you can fight Skotizo! Simply teleport to the Catacombs and click on the altar next to you. Skotizo always drops a clue scroll, along with other goodies and possibly even the Skotizo pet! To fight Skotizo, it's advised to make use of the Arclight, the Arclight is a sword that you can create by using 3 ancient shards on a darklight. The ancient shards are also obtained by slaying in the Catacombs, while the darklight can be bought at the weapon store at ::shops (shop hub)! The catacombs cover most slay tasks, below i'll show you how to get there and which monster is located where. Firstly, you'll want to go to the quest tab and click the "Teleports" button. Second, we have to locate the slayer teleports. Now simply scroll down to the bottom and teleport to the Catacombs. Once there, simply navigate your way through the Catacombs & use this map to see where your task monster is located! I hope this guide was useful and helps you on your way. Kind regards, Amnees.
  7. Remove the 30 pvp kills on elite diary. Noone really pk's, and tbh i don't want to kill innocent pvmers just to complete a diary 😛
  8. Hello, what seems to be your issue exactly? Perhaps you could add me on discord so we could work it out? Amnees#3739
  9. Nice idea Chris! Maybe get some gp involved, for that extra gp sink? 😄
  10. After a certain amount of votes claimed (for example 10 people claim their votes), a new boss would spawn. Drops open for debate.. Unique loot, extra vote points, double xp, vote casket(which could give some juicy items)? Your input would be appreciated. This would encourage voting even more, which will then lead to more players! Also, new content FeelsGoodMan
  11. Best of luck on your journey!
  12. I like the left click one!
  13. Devalues my Dwarf cannon at home only ironman!!!! As always, good work man 😄
  14. I never knew that! Thanks Raphael 😛 I sold like 6.5K ores per 50 the other day >.<
  15. Add a sell all option to the general store, or atleast like 500, its really tedious to sell stacks of items, as example ores. You often get 1k coal or mith ore and it takes ages to sell 😛 https://gyazo.com/f0d546a66588bfa5150a2dafbe54bf03 Thanks
  16. Yeah, thats probably why the animations are fucked up aswell tbh. Also, got like +200 slash bonus and I rarely hit. I hope Connor can fix it, or possibly exchange it for another drygore?
  17. Fix drygore longsword (right now only 1/4 is slash and its slash) I think lunge and block should also be slash. Also, the slash animation is stab and the slash animation is stab if that makes sense, its also very innacurate. Thanks https://gyazo.com/c2ba8a82f3a8a06935eea836657c9870
  18. Amnees


    A donator rank to fill in the gap between 50$ and 250$
  19. Whats your current killcount?